Owner: Peter Brennen

Area: UK-South East

New boat built for owner as a motor launch, used as such until Sept 1998. Conversion to steam completed 25th Sept. 1999. Approx miles steamed 1999 - 30. (Engine formerly in builder’s canoe SPITFIRE, Ref: Funnel 68). Half canopy to be fitted 2005.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Nigel Cooper

Area: UK-South West

First fitted out as steamer by Tom Gordon, River Thames 1981-2 with 1976 built ‘Swan’ and Thames Steam Launch Co., boiler No.005. 1983 to Maurice Grace, Esher, 1984 to John C. Grace, new steam plant fitted, 1988 to Roger Kent, Steamed each year, all year round. Ref: Funnel 99. Completely rebuilt winter 1997-8 by Kevin Halcrow, Lakeland Wooden Boats. February 2010 to present owner and moved to the Tamar Valley, steamed each year principally on the Tamar but also on other South West rivers. Winter 2013 hull repainted in maroon Under in the current ownership Halcyon has won the Dartmouth Royal Regatta Steamboat award twice 2015 and 2016, The Stuart Turner Cup 2016, Concours d'Elegance Plymouth Classic Boat Rally 2016, The Reade Propeller and the Horsham Cleat Henley Traditional Boat Festival 2018 and the SBA Montagu Challange Trophy 2018. At the 2019 Dartmouth Royal Regatta was filmed for the Channel 4 program Devon and Cornwall which was broadcast in May 2020


Owner: L.P. Francesco

Area: USA

Origin unknown but photo exists taken around 1890. Believed to be one of the oldest boats in the USA still in regular use. Restored in 1960s after being stored in shed since late 1930s. Used each year since then.


Happy Tiger

Owner: J. Shoebridge

Area: Australia

Engine and boiler constructed over a period of two years. Following owner’s retirement they were fitted into a GRP hull over a period of six years. Steam trials: First launched January 2002..


Status: Steaming

Owner: Nigel White

Area: UK-Thames

Plant fitted by first owner Charles Fairbrother, 1988 to John Williams, Stalham, Feb 1989 to Hilda & Michael Bronstein. Restored and boiler replaced Keel Hall'd Boats, Penarth,2012. Acquired present owner May 2012. Replacement engine (same make and model) March 2016.


Owner: Keith Ward

Area: UK-Midlands

New build 2010: The idea is to build a replica based on the original pre 1922 "Hasty". There will be differences that are necessary to make the boat into a viable leisure craft instead of a "Canal Loco" and some things won't be the same because of practicalities, for example, the draught will only be 38" whereas the original pre 1922 "Hasty" was more like 48" and the last tunnel tug named "Hasty" built in 1922 had a draught of 54" although a nice thought, a boat with such a deep draught wouldn't go far on today's canals.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Rick Jarvis

Area: UK-Midlands


Owner: A.P. Hammick

Area: UK

Derelict centre board dinghy hull, restored and steam plant fitted by owner 1986, first steamed 1986. (1986-87 fitted with 10½" dia VFT.)


Owner: J.H. Findlay

Area: UK-Scotland

New boat, based on lines of a Boy Scouts canvas canoe, entirely built and fitted out by owner. First steamed 1993.

Hei Hoo

Area: Germany

Heibok No.4

Status: Steaming

Owner: Stichting Calorische Werktuigen

Website: http://www.sshercules.nl

Area: Netherlands


Status: Superseded

Owner: Malcolm & Gwyneth Yeomans

Area: UK-Wales

New hull built to original owner’s (Cyril Moreman) requirements, plant fitted by original owner 1982, first steamed March 1983. Laid up 1985-1995. (Engine fitted in LEO 1965-80). Bought by Malcolm & Gwyneth Yeomans Oct 2009. Complete hull refurbishment


Status: Active use

Owner: Helen Steeple

Area: UK-North

Built to the specification of Cyril Moreman and first steamed in 1982. Subsequently owned by Malcolm and Gwyneth Yeomans and used in Wales, before being sold to Ian Lonsdale and based in Lancashire. Purchased in 2016 by Dr Derek Steeple for his wife Helen, the vessel is now permanently based within the steamboat community of Windermere.


Status: Active use

Owner: Torsten Björling

Area: Sweden


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: D. Boekweit

Area: Netherlands


Owner: R. Kemp

Area: UK-East London

Plant fitted and first steamed 1975 by first owner C.W.C. Kentish, Wroxham, named B.S.B. May 1982 to Richard Crocker, Norfolk Broads and renamed. Acquired 1989 by R.Longcraine and used on the R.Lot, France. Aquired 2000. Previously fitted with coal-fired HFT boiler by Severn-Lamb Ltd., Stourport.


Status: Steaming

Owner: G.C. Boekweit

Website: http://www.sshercules.nl

Area: Netherlands

Designed and built by G&H Bodewes. 1915 sold to the Danish Navy as Fremad II, retired 1964. sold to Jurgen Hastrup, Copenhagen. Spring1978 sold derelict to J. Mos Enkhuizen Autumn 1978 sold to current owner G.C. Boekweit, renamed Hercules August 1983 Sailed under own steam after 5 years of restoration. 1985 to preservation society "Stichting Calorische Werktuigen" at Schiedam (Holland)


Owner: Jim Cook

Area: UK-Thames

Construction started by the late Cdr. Brian Butterworth in memory of HMS Hermione on which he served during the Malta convoys of 1942 and nearly lost his life when she was sunk by torpedo from U205 on 6th June 1942. First steamed Nov 1996. Ref: Funnel 97. Originally fitted with 1990 Anthony Bever Compound 2" + 3¼" x 2" and propane-fired Illingworth type VFT boiler to a design in 'Light Steam Power'. The Illingworth boiler was condemned in 2005 and replaced with a coal-fired VFT and she also underwent two engine changes in the course of her eight years owned by Mark Rudall. She was sold in November 2006 to Jim Cook of Clapham, London, when fitted with the John Winn vee-twin (Stuart Turner 5A cylinders). 'Hermione' has not been seen since 2006 and was last reported as stored in Brixton bus garage, London.


Status: Dismantled - Converted to Electric

Owner: N.D. Thomson

Website: http://www.slhero.co.uk/

Area: UK-Thames

First named Avondale and probably built as an electric launch at the end of the 19th century by Andrews of Maidenhead. She is reported to have been at the Cookham regatta in 1901 and was definitely propelled by electricity in 1912. By 1969 she had been converted to a petrol engine and was purchased by C.J.Sterling and restored with the help of Tom Trevethick and converted to steam using a Merryweather boiler, in this form she appeared in The Onedin Line and King Edward VII television series. Mr Sterling sold the launch to John Players ltd who replaced the Merryweather boiler with an oil fired scotch dry back boiler of considerable complexity it even had an ignition key. John Players used SL Hero for advertising purposes visiting regattas all over the country. SL Hero was obtained by Nigel Thomson and his late wife Anna in 1996; the boiler was replaced with a side fired loco boiler designed by Brian Smith. In 2007 Hero was put into Stanley and Thomas's yard at Windsor for work to be done on the hull project costs escalated to the point where all enjoyment had vanished from the project and the hull was sold to Rupert Laitham who returned the hull to electric propulsion. She is currently for sale (summer 2014) at Hambledon Boat Sales looking magnificent.


Owner: R. Tate

Area: UK

New boat built to owners specification, steamed 50 miles during 1992.


Status: No longer a Steamer

Owner: W.R. Goss

Area: UK-Chiltern

Originally used as a coastal fishing boat registered at Christchurch. Hull acquired 1994 from Belsize Boatyard, Southampton. Steam plant fitted 1994, at first with a 2 cyl engine converted from a Westinghouse air compressor. Then with semi-uniflow triple 2" + 2" + 2" x 2" single-acting, overhead camshaft, poppet valves Built by Raymond Goss, fitted 1999.


Status: Active use

Owner: Hansueli. & R. Renz

Area: Switzerland

Built as a sail yacht 1972, converted to steam 1995-1996. Ref: Funnel 101. 1997: Funnel shortened 15 cm 2002: Bow rail removed 2010: flap inserted for easier entering (owner becomes older...) 2015: vacuum pump removed 2015: placed in port of Güttingen

Highland Fling

Owner: P. Hunt

Area: USA

New launch, built and fitted out and steam plant installed by owner. First steamed June 1999. Steamed approx 70 miles in 1999.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Clive Lee

Area: UK-South West

New hull built 1986-7 for Clive Lee, Fowey, Cornwall, who fitted steam plant out of 19' river launch Lady Day. First steamed in May 1987. Moved to west coast of Scotland in 1989 for use as tender to the then owner's VIC32. Had a complete machinery overhaul in 1999. Returned to Fowey in the spring of 2014. Further overhaul and boiler re-tubed 2014-15. Now steaming on the Fowey river.

HMCC Vigilant

Owner: Vigilant Trust

Area: UK-East London

Hocus Pokus

Owner: P.R. Shaw

Area: UK

Hong Kong

Owner: H.J. Mouritzen

Area: Denmark

Hot Pot

Status: Steaming

Owner: A.P. Hammond

Area: UK-North West

Built as a Motor dinghy in about 1960 and fitted with a Stuart Turner R3M petrol engine.Fitted with a steam plant in 1989/1990 by Ron Hibbitt and first steamed in May 1990. Aquired in May 1998 by the owner. The Boiler was retubed by Andy Bennett at Bristol in 2000.The engine was rebuilt by Len Williamson in 2003. A popular small steamboat and a regular visitor to Windermere.


Owner: P.D. Bassett

Area: USA

Humble Access

Owner: Revd.H. Hollerith IV

Area: USA

Purchased by owner 1990. Rebuilt 1993-7, engine overhauled and new boiler fitted.


Owner: C. Henwood

Area: UK-Thames

Old hull, owned rebuilt and fitted out by Henwood & Dean, boatbuilders, Hambledon, 1984 - 1992. Steam plant fitted by Ken Woodham and first steamed 1991. Steamed approx 80 hours - 1991; 80 hours - 1992; 40 hours - 1993.