Que Sera Sera

Status: Active use - resting

Owner: Gordon Potts

Area: UK-North West

Originally bought as a speedboat for transom-mounted outboard. Re-inforced with aluminium box-section subframe to accept steam boiler amidships. Stuart 5A engine mounted in front seating position with high level prop shaft exiting above water line and drive transferred downwards to propeller. Has been trialled briefly on a reservoir and in a sea loch. Covid prevents any further serious enjoyment.

Queen Mary II

Owner: M.C. Coleman

Area: USA

Entirely fitted out and plant installed by owner. First steamed 10th April 1998.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Alan & Verona Davis

Area: UK-South West

Quetzal was originally built as a Torbay Handicap Class racing yacht . She has a racing history in Torbay dating back to the 1930s .Purchased by me in very poor condition in April 2011 lying in a farm yard near Totnes South Devon . Totally rebuilt and converted to accept a steam plant by owner .Restoration/conversion completed September 2014