Status: No longer a Steamer - Converted to Electric

Owner: Unknown

Area: UK-North West


Owner: D. Payne

Area: Australia


Status: Steaming

Owner: Simon & John Fellows

Area: UK-Thames

Hull built and fitted out by Tom Peebles (1993-1998) Tom Peebles participated at Portsoy, Coniston and Windermere rallies with one foreign trip to Stavanger (2008). Currently steaming on the Lower Thames at Twickenham Yacht Club and between Richmond and Teddington.


Status: Active use

Owner: John Davis

Area: Australia


Status: Active use

Owner: K.v.d.Horst, J&W Kappers

Area: Netherlands


Owner: M. Robinson, K. Robinson

Area: UK

New boat completed in 2005. The boat is designed to be transported on the roof of a car. The engine and boiler are easily removed and carried separately. Total 80Kg.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Andy Adams

Website: http://Face Book Steam Tug Tansor

Area: UK-Cambridgeshire

B.C.N original registration 15722 Listed in The National Historic Ships Register.

Tarvin Lady

Owner: P. Martelin

Area: France

New boat built to first owner Rodney de Cani’s requirements, first steamed 11 April 1986 on River Dee. Steamed each year since. Acquired late 1998.

Tattershall Castle

Owner: Scottish & Newcastle Retail

Area: UK

New to LNER, later British Transport Commission, ferry on River Humber between Hull and New Holland, withdrawn c1971, last steamed 1974. Now static with bars, bistro, function rooms and nightclub on Victoria Embankment, London. for bookings tel: 0207 8396548


Owner: M. Givets

Area: New Zealand

New launch, the second of three hulls taken from the 3-part mould, which the owner had commissioned in Christchurch. Fitted out and steam plant installed by owner 2002/3, first steamed Nov 2003.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Doug Brookens

Area: USA

In many ways, the Tenacious project was a group effort. My steamer friends who build scale live steam locomotives locally helped me with design, casting and machining. I have learned so much from all of them. We designed and fabricated the VFT boiler in 2006, I took delivery of the bare hull in the Fall of 2007 and was steaming by late spring 2008.


Owner: R.J. Griffiths

Area: UK-West Midlands

Former motor cruiser, converted to steam by Reg Lindop 1983-6, first steamed 1986. Acquired 1998, re-fitted.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Jean-Claude Giret

Area: Brussels, Belgium

Launched 2001. Steamed about 300 miles each year. Purchased by John Wood 2012 New Brass/copper canopy designed by "Kiwi" Hunt being fitted 2014.


Status: Superseded - resting

Owner: Roger C

Area: UK

Thames Esperanza

Status: No longer a Steamer - Converted to Electric

Owner: D. Roberts

Area: UK-Thames

Built as electric launch ESPERANZA, damaged by fire 1911 owned C. Fenner. 1913 owned Brooke Hitchins. Later converted motor drive, later owned J. Bond, and Golding Bros, Windsor. Acquired 1968 hull restored and plant fitted by L.J.M. Weaver 1968-70 and re named. Acquired at Phillips Auction, Henley, July 1992. A letter dated 1911 states she was built in 1896 by S.E. Saunders, Goring on Thames.

The Good Life

Owner: T. Potter

Area: UK-North West

Formerly known as GYPSY TOAD. Aquired 2003. Major refit 2003-2005.


Owner: Pieter and Truus Brittijn

Area: Europe

New boat build and fitted out by owners (2005-2010)


Owner: R.W. Dean

Area: UK-Scotland

Built to owners specification, completed 1988. 2000 awaiting refitting.


Owner: S. Krog

Area: Denmark

Former rowing boat hull fitted out by previous owner Peter Hansen, Dianalund. Acquired 1996 by Søren Krog, steam plant fitted 1997. Originally fitted with Stuart Turner No.1, Single, 2" x 2", sv. (1992). Cast frame, hand fp, max 400 rpm, keel c. Coal-fired VFT boiler (1996). 50psi. HS = 8 sqft approx, grate = ½ sqft, evap = 50 lbs/hr. Prop: 12" x 10". Approx miles steamed 1997 - 50; 1998 - 100; 1999- 75. Reg7 (p.354)


Owner: P.J.S. Nightingale

Area: UK-West Midlands

First owner A. David Line on Broads. Acquired 1993. 1999 steamed most weekends.


Owner: T. & M. Ray

Area: USA

New name under consideration.

TID 164

Owner: Medway Maritime Museum

Area: UK

Launched 25 September 1945 for MoWT, transferred to Admiralty, served at Port Edgar. December 1962 in reserve at Rosyth. June 1974 acquired for preservation, steamed to River Medway. Now kept at Chatham Historic Dockyard. Steamed regularly. Ref Classic Boat June 1991.

TID 172

Owner: Steam Tid Ltd.

Website: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~tidtug/index.htm

Area: UK

Built for MoWT, 1946 to Admiralty as W92, and MARTELLO for a short period. 1973 to T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays, for scrap. Then to Albert Groom for preservation. 1988 taken over by present group.


Owner: N. Clarke

Area: UK

New launch fitted out by first owner. Aquired 1986 by Tom Clarke. Laid-up 1989-1999. Then passed to present owner.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Michael & Susan Cross

Area: USA

All assembled by owner 1998.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Neil & Linda Cocksedge

Area: UK-Midlands

Built 1986 by Stoke-on-Trent Boatbuilders. Original Lune Valley boiler replaced 2006 by VFT type and converted to wood briquettes from coal. Bought by Neil and Linda Cocksedge in March 2015. Since then Tixall has cruised from Middlewich in the north to Braunston in the south. Home mooring Ashwood Marina, Staffs and Worcs Canal. Engine overhaul by John Maltby winter 2017/8. Extensive refit at Stokeboats 2017 to 2019.


Owner: W.K. Munsey

Area: UK-Thames

Restored to original electric propulsion


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: Toroa Preservation Society

Website: http://steamferrytoroa.com

Area: New Zealand


Owner: R.J. Davison

Area: UK-Midlands


Status: Steaming

Owner: Ian Clayton

Area: UK


Owner: ?

Area: Germany

New boat built to owner’s specification, steam plant fitted by J. Alex Ritchie and Peter Frost. Additional boatbuilding by Bob Fenton. First steamed 1997. (V belt drive Bosch alternator, 30 amps at 1200 rpm) Aquired 2008. Formerly known as PLUTO.


Owner: A. Van Veen

Area: Netherlands

Derelict hull acquired in 1974, restored 1976-7, plant fitted 1982, by A. Bever, first steamed at SBA Thames Cruise July 1984. Nov 1994 to Paul Penfold, Chichester. Acquired 1997, steamed regularly.


Status: Active use

Owner: Alan Atkins

Area: New Zealand

Hull located in an apple orchard in 2004, hull restored and strengthened 2005, steam fit out 2006. Boat was used regularly from 2006 to 2015, then the children arrived and Tui has been laid up since. Now March 2021 with the children 5 & 6 its time to dust off the cobwebs to get her steaming again, so expecting Tui in the water sometime late in 2021.


Status: Active use

Owner: Reece Cobb

Area: New Zealand


Status: Laid Up

Owner: Alan F. Hurst

Area: UK-East Anglia

Acquired by owner 1972 from Rev D. E. Brown, who acquired in 1962 when named THETIS and fitted with a Robey wagon boiler. Ref: LSP May 1963 and Jan 1968, Funnels 73,74 & 75. Reported sunk 2006