Area: Switzerland


Owner: D. Juster

Area: UK

Hull new to A.J. Anderton, Shetland Islands, originally with 23/4" + 6" x 4", 15 IHP engine and 200 psi WTB. Converted motor 1906. 1978 to Derrick Mills. 1983 to David Black who commissioned Langley Engineering to restore hull and fit steam plant. First steamed December 1987. Acquired at Phillips Auction, Henley, July 1991, by Colin Ashby. 1996 to present owner.


Owner: E.J. Langley

Area: UK-Chiltern


Owner: Jan Jorgensen

Area: Norway

New launch, built and fitted out to Richard Park’s requirements for use on Windermere. Originally fitted with Stuart Turner 6A Compound 2½" + 4" x 3" sv (HP balanced) SLRG. 2 tfc, 2cbs. With ‘Mallinson’ centrifuge in exhaust pipe & ‘Ritchie’ lubricator. Sold to Jan Jorgensen of Tonsberg, Norway in 2013


Status: Active use

Owner: Peter Probst

Area: Switzerland

New boat, assembled and plant fitted by owner, woodwork by local boatwright, completed 1991. June 1992 steamed from Czechoslovakia down Elbe to Dresden. Also steamed in Netherlands and Austria. 1991-92 had Stuart Turner 6A. The boat builder Helmut Strothjohann from Rüdesheim, Germany sold the boat after 29 years 2016 to Peter Probst to Solothurn in Switzerland. Now the Vaporosa has been given a new home on the river Aare.


Owner: J. Meier

Area: Switzerland

Built for first owner Rudolph Moschberger. Acquired 1998.

Veronica Rose

Owner: H.C. Black

Area: New Zealand


Status: Active use

Owner: Adrian Greco

Area: UK-Scotland


Status: Sold - Sold to proud new owner

Owner: was Roger Heise


Area: UK-North West

Built new to present owner. Many owner-modifications and blind optimisations subsequently. Much travelled boat: home waters of Altrhein, Südhessen, Germany and now Windermere. Also steamed on Lake Coniston, Derwentwater, Ullswater, the Thames, Lancaster Canal, the Yorkshire Ouse, Loch Erne (NI) and Loch Lomond. In continental Europe she has steamed on the Lahn, Mosel, Rhein, Neckar, Rheinsberger Seen, Berliner Gewässer, Bodensee, Lago di Lugano, Vierwaldstättersee, Mürten/Neuchateler Seen and Thunersee.

VIC 32

Owner: Puffer Preservation Trust


Area: UK-Scotland

Former cargo lighter, New to MoWT, to Admiralty 1947. Acquired 1975 in neglected state, restored and converted to Cruise ship. Available for charter, Ref FUNNEL 15, ‘Ships Monthly’, Dec.1979. (Tel: 01546 510232). Steamed every year. Ref: Classic Boat May 1989.

VIC 56

Status: Steaming

Owner: Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust


Area: UK-Solent

Built for MoWT, to Admiralty and launched 22.11.1945 and completed December 1945 at a cost of £17,613. Accepted and registered at London April 1946. Official number 180809. Sailed from Faversham to Rochester and then Rosyth via Yarmouth, Wells, Grimsby, Scarborough and Sunderland. Initially operated by J.Hay & Sons for Ministry of War Transport. In March 1947 transferred to Admiralty and allocated to Director of Victualling and to Victualling Stores officer, Rosyth. Required for Invergordon 1957 and for Minches Noise Range in 1960. By 1963 allocated to director of Armament Stores and based at Crombie (Firth of Forth) continuing in use until 1970s. In 1976 used as relief vessel when NAVs Flintlock or Catapult were in refit and advertised for disposal in 1978. Machinery particularly well maintained by Mr RE Drury (ex Chatham) a certificated engineer in the Port Auxiliary Service. Acquired for preservation November 1978 by Henry Cleary and steamed Rosyth to Rotherhithe (April - June 1979), hull and plant restored by owner with assistance of other steam preservationists including Bob Adam and team from Kerne. Steamed regularly mainly on trips in Thames Estuary and occasionally further eg Yarmouth, Ramsgate and in 1989 Vlissingen (Flushing). Ref: Sea Breezes, April 1991. From 1979 to 2005 berthed in London at, successively, the Greenland Entrance, Trinity Wharf, Rotherhithe and finally Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E 16. From 2006 berthed at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent ME4 4TE until October 2019 when gifted by Henry Cleary to Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust (Boathouse 4) and towed from Chatham to Portsmouth. On 21st November 2019 steamed for short trip around Portsmouth Harbour followed by stationary steaming in December 2019 for Dockyard Christmas Festival.

VIC 94

VIC 96

Owner: VIC 96 Preservation Trust

Area: UK

New to MoWT, 1947 to Admiralty named C668, later owned Mr Fielding. C1980 acquired by Treloar Bros. for preservation, 1981steamed London to Newcastle, 1983 Newcastle to Maryport. C1986 passed to Maryport Town Council. 1997 ownership passed to registered charity "Friends of Maryport Steamship Museum". 2004 - undergoing an extensive restoration to full working order. Target completion and removal from Maryport to Chatham : Spring 2005.


Status: Steaming

Owner: A.Henstridge

Area: UK-Wales

Originally built as a plug for fibreglass mouldings. When all required moulds had been taken, sheathed and made into a boat. Engine installed by first owner, Peter Neil and named Idunno. Sold 1990 to Andrew Pearce, renamed SL Victoria and wheel steering fitted. Last steamed 1998. Acquired in 2004 by David Biss, overhauled and steamed regularly. Sold to Andrew Henstridge in June 2019. Currently undergoing overhaul.

Vikens Drottning

Owner: B. Breding

Area: Sweden

Vikens Drottning

Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: Michiel Zwart

Area: Netherlands

Vital Ember

Owner: C.J. Schofield

Area: UK-Thames

Aiming to launch March 2006.

Vital Spark

Owner: P. Tait

Area: New Zealand

Bare hull and boiler shipped from England, hull completed by Regatta Yachts, Hong Kong, machinery installed by first owner, Myron Givets. First steamed Feb 1988. Registered with Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club No.M7. June 1996 shipped to New Zealand. Aquired by present owner 2000. Original Stuart Swan engine replaced 2003.

Vital Spark III

Status: Steaming

Owner: John Hope

Area: USA

Built in 1911 as power boat. A previous owner added cabin, fibreglassed hull. Previous owner, Don Thompson (Canada), removed cabin, extended cockpit forward, installed seating and plant and fitted out. Acquired by Bill Larson 2002, purchased by John Hope in 2004.


Status: Active use

Owner: Kelly Anderson

Area: USA

I purchased the boat in 2014. The previous owner had neglected the boat, leaving it exposed to the weather for long periods. I bought a derelict steam car engine at an auction, and converted it into a launch engine by building a new sole plate, crankshaft, columns, pumps, and flywheel. It is unique in that it has many features that I have never seen before. Her first operation was at Raquette Lake, New York in August 2015. Vividus is Latin, meaning alive, animated, lively, vigorous, spirited, and lifelike.


Owner: D.A. Howard

Area: UK

Hull restored and plant fitted by Lord Strathcona 1972, plant taken from his previous launch EYTHORNE. 1999 having major overhaul. During 1930’s engine in ROXANA at Ely, 1947-72 in EYTHORNE. 1972-84 fitted with a Merryweather ‘B’ boiler.


Owner: A. Salisbury

Area: UK-North West


Status: Steaming

Owner: Croci Pierre-Edgar


Area: Suisse

A l'origine, le bateau mesurait 10 mètres de longueur . La première machine était : Mills Beaumaris Compound 8CV Trop faible pour le poids du bateau ! En 1984 : installation de la : Escher-Wyss En 1996 , on coupe le bateau au milieu et on le rallonge jusqu'à 11.40 m . En 2010 : changement de chaudière : on supprime La Scotch pour installer la Balson , puis en 2017 , installation de la chauffe au diesel avec un brûleur électrique . Beaucoup de voyages en France , en Belgique , Hollande et à Monaco. Le Vulcania est opérationnel même en hiver sur le lac Léman.