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Status: Steaming

Owner: P.E. Martino

Area: UK-Midlands


Tug. Construction: Riveted iron hull (part steel bottom)..
Hull model: Joey boat designed by C. Stubbings at Stockton, Warks in 1988
Built 1898 by Unknown at Birmingham
Fit out 1988 by C. Stubbings at Stockton (GU)
LOA: 57' 0", LWL: 55' 0", Beam: 6' 10", Draft: 3' 2", Displacement: 44000 lbs.
Black hull, superstructure grey lined black with red roof and deck. Tiller steering. Hull formed from two stern ends of Birmingham "Day" boats welded back to back with new counter added. Original (1988) timber cabin sides and top over-plated in steel 2004. Folding chimney to pass under bridges. Various other modifications during the years. Modelled on Bridgewater Packet Boat, which were both tugs and passenger boats with accomodation aft of engine room. Engine control in engine room by bell signals. 3 berths toilet etc. Normal moorings at Tomlow Wharf G U Canal.


VFT Built 1988 by Abels Shipyard at Bristol
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 125 psi, Grate area: 4 sqft, Heating area: c70 sqft, Output: 300-400 lbs/hr,
36" dia X 36" Steel 176 X 1" dia Steel tubes. Welded steel ,expanded tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, injector, whistle,
1 off .3/8" and 1 off ½" Pemberthy injectors. 5 way lubricating oil pump + cylinder lubricator. Hot well with level regulating system. Surface cond. All steel, 3' dia by 3' high (5'6" over ashpan and smokebox). Mahogany clad. 2* safety valves. Rebuilt 1996 (new tubes & tube plates). Re-tubed 2012.


2-crank Compound. 4" + 8" X 5"
Built 1900 by Cochrane & Co. Ltd. at Birkenhead, UK
Designed by: Cochrane & Co Ltd
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: approx 10 HP
Victorian 4-column open-crank engine. Probably a shipyard launch engine. Possibly an "apprentice piece". Circulating, air and feed pumps driven by chain from rear crankshaft extension.


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 24" X 33.5"
Shaft: 2" steel


Two rescued Birmingham 'Day Boat' hulls c 1897 used to form the hull with cabin added in 1988. Modelled on Bridgewater canal tunnel tug Steam plant fitted by previous owner 1989, installation not completed, then named GLADYS. Acquired March 1993. First steamed Easter 1995, steamed each year since. Ref Funnel 88. 1993-96 fitted with 1983 Historic Steam Ltd. (Kew Bridge Steam Museum) 3-drum WTB. Coal fired, 40 sqft hs. Steam drum 10" dia, mud drums 4" dia x 36" long, 114 copper tubes. (Formerly in VICTORIA 1983-93). Previously fitted with 1954 W. Sisson & Co. Ltd. (Gloucester) 4" x 4" sv Single with enclosed crankcase and Meyer expansion valve. Gearbox reverse. Current engine and boiler fitted 2002

Last Modified: 2016.08.09.

(Owner) Hillmorton, 1998


When first purchased 1992, engine and boiler in place but non operational

Sutton, 2004

2016, after a full re-paint. At Birdingbury Wharf G U Canal