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Charlotte Dundas

Owner: Falkirk District Council

Area: UK


Paddle Launch. Construction: Larch on oak.
Built 1988 by Cockenzie Boatyard & Slipway Co. at Cockenzie
LOA: 50' 0", Beam: 12' 0",
Central aft paddle wheel, one deck.


Details not yet decided, hopefully an existing gas fired boiler adapted for coal will be used, if not suitable a new replica boiler may be built.


Horizontal Single. 16" X 4'(appro"
Built 1988 by Falkirk Dept of Libraries & Museums workshop
Drop steam valves, sv exhaust valve. Slide exhaust operated by 3-arm wrist plate driven by crosshead slide. Xhead consists of a 6 arm wheel acting on a slipper bar.


Three quarter size replica. Now on display at New Port Downie - The Falkirk Wheel. Falkirk museums are still hoping to get fully working

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(P.J.G. Ransom) 1988

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