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Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: David Shortell

Area: UK Worcestershire


Yacht. Construction: Clinker mahogany on oak.
Hull designed by T.M. Kiernan
Built 1981 by Frank Curtis & Pape Bros. Ltd. at Looe
Fit out by T.M. Kiernan
LOA: 27' 6", LWL: 26' 0", Beam: 8' 6", Draft: 2' 6",
No.1929. Straight stem, transom stern, varnished, white and dark green upper works, forward saloon, 2 berths, galley, 2 masts, wheel and tiller steering, 8 knots.


Clyde type RT Scotch Built 1982 by H.A. McEwen (Boiler Repairs) Ltd. at Keithley
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 160 psi, Grate area: 20 sqft, Heating area: 75 sqft, Output: 320 lbs/hr,
Engine driven fp & ap, inboard cond. Hand fp, Hopkinson injector, 10 gall hotwell, 10 gall fw tank, bilge ejector. No.S1-02, 24" dia x 3' 6" long 40 x 1¼" od tubes 24" long, 6½ cwt bunker. pending out of vessel inspection


Compound. 3" + 5" X 4"
Built 1983 by A.V.N. Priest Engineers at Harpenden
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
No.041. Cast frames.


3 blades, 20" X 22"
Shaft: 1 7/8" Stainless Steel


Design and fitted out by first owner T.M. Kiernan as KATU. First steamed 15 July 1985. c1990, to David Warburton, Preston, later owned Wilf Johns, Pembroke, re-named but not steamed. Acquired by Malcolm Ross in Oct 1988 and reconditioned.

Last Modified: 2020.07.21.

(Terrance Kiernan) 1985

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