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Owner: L. Williamson

Area: UK-West Midlands


Dinghy. Construction: Clinker mahogany.
Hull in Buil
Built 1979 by J.W. Belton at Teignmouth
LOA: 14' 3", Beam: 5' 3",
Varnished (formerly blue), wheel and tiller steering. 4 seats. 4½ kn.


Kingdon type VFT Built 1985 by Langley Engineering at Storrington
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 200 psi, Output: 3½ lbs/hr,
fp & ap. Donkey pump. No.V26. 16"od, 20"long, fbx14x9"


Single. 2 1/4" X 2 1/2(sleevedfrom2 1"
Built 1983 by Simon DeMontford at Nottingham
Designed by: Cyril Taylor
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Lever-driven air and fp.


3 blades, 12" X 20"


Built as a steam boat, machinery fitted by first owner C. F. Parsons, then named MAISIE, later owned by Jack Churchill named CANNONBALL. Acquired 1986 refitted and renamed. Laid up 1996, refitted and fresh steam plant fitted 2000. (Formerly fitted with C.F. Parsons 1979 built compound, removed 1996). Aquired Len Williamson 2003.

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(Simon Maltby) Windermere, 2008

2, 1


(Janet Mills) Norfolk Broads

(Owner) Windermere 2004

(Peter Massey) Windermere, 2005