Metric units


Status: Steaming

Owner: Dan McFarlane

Area: UK-East Anglia


Launch. Construction: Carvel teak.
Built 1904 at Hampton
LOA: 28' 4", LWL: 25' 0", Beam: 6' 1", Draft: 2' 6",
Straight stem, counter stern, black with varnished sheer and gold cove, varnished deck and interior (all varnished until 1972), Canopy, Folding screens.


VFT Built 1980 by J.O. Lugg & Son Ltd. at Billinghurst
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150 psi, Grate area: 2.75 sqft, Heating area: 60 sqft, Output: 200 lbs/hr,
27" dia X 36" high Steel barrel. 153 X 1" dia Steel tubes.
condensing, engine driven pump, injector,
This boiler replaced an earlier VFT


Compound. 3" + 6" X 5"
Built 1890 by A.G. Mumford Ltd. at Colchester
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 12 HP
Mumford NABOB - 6 turned columns, Xhead driven fp and air pump, Kcond.
Customarily rated in the catalogue at its most economical load as 8 BHP.
Ex Admiralty. Presumably from a small cutter it is, by repute, Firebirds original engine.


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 19" X 36"
Shaft: 1.375" Stainless Steel
The Mumford catalogue lists a 22" x 30". Current screw was fitted to replace the extant 19" 1/2 x 30", which appears to have been cut down to fit the apperture.


Built at Hampton c 1904 allegedly by Burgoine. Hull rebuilt in 1954 by Eric Jordan and Peter Freebody at Woottens Boatyard, Cookham for J. B. Hickey, Richmond, who also owned Pierrette, Elfin and Rose ODea, and machinery re-fitted, with many original fittings and woodwork. She was re-planked in Teak (Prev. a 'pine')

1954 to 1971 J.B.Hickey (re-named COOKHAM DEAN)

1971 to 1973 John Churchill (re-named STROMBOLI)

1973 to 1979 Jonathan Minns (Wheel steering fitted)

1979 to 1991 The Hon W. H. McAlpine.(Folding screens added, reverted to her original name)

1991 to 2017 Robert and Tina Baker. (ref. Old Glory, March 1995)

Winner at various Thames Trad. Rallies of Thames Heritage Cup,Horsham Cleat and Reade Propeller trophies.
Dates are flakey - Anyone who can help with Firebirds' history, please get in touch.

Bolting for the stable at Woottens. Ian Rutter 2018


A Pilgrim's Progress

The Plant (the definitive article ;)) - David Creasey

" She's never had any bloody go" refuted - Making turns for seven

St Johns Lock, Lechlade. PF in the background. Andy Nicholson 2018

Hardly a ripple.

After six weeks hard work scraping off 'Henley Honey' and replacing it with varnish. Managed to re-paint the topsides by the way. 2021

Thames Trad Boat Festival, Henley, 2017. Alaska in background.


Once apon a time - Burgoines at Hampton Wick