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Status: Steaming

Owner: David Hurley

Area: UK-East Anglia


Paddle Launch. Construction: Marine plywood on mahogany frames..
Hull designed by David Garrick at South Wales in 1972
Built 1972 by David Garrick at South Wales
Fit out 1973 by David Garrick at South Wales
LOA: 15' 3", LWL: 14' 0", Beam: 5' 0", Draft: 9' 0",
Transom stern, wheel and tiller steering.


RT Scotch Built 1972 by David Garrick at South Wales
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 125 psi, Heating area: 3½ sqft, Output: 30 lbs/hr,
8 tubes. Welded steel ,expanded tubes construction, superheater,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, steam feed pump, whistle, siren,
Shell 12" id x 12" long with dome, furnace 7" dia x 10½" long, 8 x 1" od tubes 8½" long.


Diagonal Compound. 1 3/8" + 2 1/4" X 3"
Built 1972 by David Garrick at South Wales
Design: Freelance paddle engine by: David Garrick
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
80 rpm, ½ IHP.


8 Feathering floats.
22" diameter, 9" wide.


Completely designed, built and fitted out by David Garrick in time for SBA Midlands Regatta in June 1973. David Garrick travelled the boat extensively during the first 5 years after construction and covered many hundreds of miles by both road and water. In 1976 Firecrest undertook a sponsored cruise down the river Thames in aid of the RNLI. The boat was slipped in at Lechlade and took 10 days to cover the 123 miles down to Teddington lock with stops for fundraising and overnighting. It was reported that just over £300 was raised as a result. At some point during 1978, we believe Firecrest hit something solid with her starboard paddle wheel whilst underway, resulting in a twisted crankshaft. Whilst details are sketchy, it seems that she was laid up pending repair but was sold after a couple of years of standing outdoors. Purchased by a Mr J Bacon from the south coast area (date unknown), she was placed into covered storage for an estimated 40 years. The boat was completely untouched during this time with the builders personal effects remaining in the cabin. The boat was advertised for sale by Preston Services of Kent in the December of 2019 and was in a dilapidated state, still requiring the repairs from over 40 years prior. The current owner purchased the boat in the January of 2020 and has taken a year to complete the restoration and repair works.

Taken mid 1970's having just passed under Tattershall Bridge on the river Witham.


As offered for sale at Preston Services in Kent. December 2019

Port side paddle wheel at the start of restoration.

The compound diagonal paddle engine during re-assembly.

The engine re-installed into the boat. The blue painted pipework indcates the condenser cooling water curcuit.

The wet back, Scotch return tube marine boiler.

Firecrest on her trailer at the site of a boat safety examiner.

Taken at Burton Waters marina near Lincoln in Decemeber 2020. This was the first time Firecrest had felt water beneath her keel in over 40 years.

Burton Waters marina December 2020

Burton Waters marina December 2020