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Owner: G.W. Higgs

Area: Canada


Open Launch. Construction: Carvel wood.
Hull model: Poulsbo
Built 1955 by Young at Poulsbo, Washington State, U.S.A.
LOA: 16' 9", LWL: 16' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 3",
Transom stern, blue, varnished deck.


VWT Built 1995 by Mr. Blackstaffe at Nanaimo
Fuel: Propane, Pressure: 125 psi, Heating area: 10 sqft,


2-crank Quadruple Expansion. 2" + 3" + 4 1/2" + 7" X 4"
Built 1894 by Simpson Strickland & Co. Ltd. at Dartmouth
Design: Kingdon AB sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
No.27. 14 HP.


3 blades, Right Hand,


Second hand hull acquired 1992 and converted to steam. Present steam plant fitted 1996 and boat named FLIRT in honour of the original boat in which the engine was fitted in 1894. (Formerly in Simpson Strickland yard No.376 FLIRT, for Capt C.W. Busk).

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(Owner) Nanaimo Harbour, 1999