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Status: Active use

Owner: Barry McKay

Area: UK-Scotland


Open Launch. Construction: GRP, mahogany deck and interior.
Hull model: Nell
Built 1977 by Bossom’s Boatyard Ltd. at Oxford
Fit out 1977 by Bossom at Oxford
LOA: 19' 5", LWL: 17' 3", Beam: 5' 10", Draft: 1' 9",
Straight stem and counter stern. Amidships freeboard 2' 1".


Blackstaffe type 3-drum WT Designed by C Blackstaffe,
Built 1986 by Morewood Model Engineers Ltd. at Cheddar
Fuel: gas, Pressure: 150 psi,
Copper drum(s). 18 Copper tubes. Copper construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, whistle,
Boiler replaced in 1986 by all-new pressure vessels and tubes while retaining casing of the original made by James Taylor. All copper pressure vessel consisting of 6" OD x 27" long steam drum and two water drums 29.5" x 2" OD. 2 x 1.25" downcomers fitted for'd and aft. Nine coils fitted port and starboard. Converted from paraffin to coal-firing with installation of steel/stainless steel firebox and new boiler casing, fabricated 2018/19 by Owner. Converted to gas-firing 2022. Boiler feed by feed pump driven from engine crankshaft eccentric, auxiliary manual feed pump or Buffalo steam injector.


Compound. 2.5" + 4" X 3"
Built 1978 by Anthony Bever
Design: 6A (modified) by: Stuart Turner
Balanced SVs valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 5 HP
Believed to be the first Stuart Turner 6A engine ever built. Maker - Anthony Bever. Balanced SV in HP and LP replaced standard D-type in 1986.


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 16" X 25"


The first of the 'Nell' Class built by Bossom's from a mould created using a derelict launch of unknown origin but early-20th century vintage. In service February 1978 under its original name of 'Nell of Oxford' with an unknown engine replaced late-1978 by the first Stuart Turner 6A. Acquired from Bossom's by John Ransom 1983 and sold to present owner October 2017. Thereafter underwent extensive hull restoration by the Scottish Boat Building School based at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, Ayrshire, with approximately 90% of internal woodwork renewed. All machinery overhauled, modified or converted by Owner. Re-entered service in May 2019. Converted to gas-firing 2022. Subject of 'Practical Boat Owner' issue 1978. Cover photo subject for 'Model Engineer' December 1981

Last Modified: 2023.07.09.

Nell as illustrated in original sales brochure.


Nell Details

2017/2019 Restoration almost complete at Scottish Boatbuilding School

2017/2019 Restoration almost complete at Scottish Boat Building School.

Back in service May 2019