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Owner: G.J. Tyler

Area: UK-Wales


Open Launch. Construction: Carvel teak on oak.
Built 1982 by Historic Steam Ltd. at Kew Bridge
LOA: 18' 0", LWL: 16' 6", Beam: 5' 3", Draft: 1' 9",
No.1. Straight stem, counter stern, off white, varnished deck and interior, tiller steering.


VFT Built 1981 by Peter Turvey and Historic Steam Ltd. at Kew
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 120 psi, Grate area: 1.1 sqft, Heating area: 18 sqft,
No.1. Wet firebox, shell solid drawn tube 18" dia x 31" high, 53 tubes 1" od x 12" long, hand fp, injector, puffer, bilge ejector, Wkettle.


Single. 3" X 3"
Built c189 by F.J. Fuller at Cambridge
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Cast A frame, forked connecting rod, fp driven by disc crank on end of crankshaft, 350 rpm, 2½ IHP, non-condensing.


3 blades, 17" X 24"
Shaft: 1 1/8" manganese


Designed to requirements of first owner Peter Turvey, plant installed 1983 - 4. First steamed Aug 1984. Acquired Oct 1989, steamed each year since. Engine previously fitted in two of F.J. Fuller’s boats, each named NETTA.

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(B. Tyler)