Metric units


Owner: J.W.B. Coulter

Area: Canada


Canopy. Construction: Carvel cypress on white oak.
Built earl
LOA: 25' 0", Beam: 6' 0", Draft: 2' 0",
White, varnished mahogany decks, button tufted upholstery. Varnished cedar canopy on mahogany frame.


VFT Built 1979
Fuel: wood, Pressure: 160 psi, Heating area: 40 sqft,
Designed by owner. Water leg box, 20" dia x 42" high, 73 tubes, injector.


Compound. 2 1/4" + 5" X 4"
Built c189
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Xhead driven air and fp, cast A frames, reheater, nickel plated rods & heads, Kcondondenser.


3 blades, 20" X 27"
Shaft: 1" Stainless Steel


Bare hull acquired 1970, restored and steam plant fitted to high specification by owner. (1970-79 had WTB).

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(Owner) Muskoka Lake