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Owner: Carolyn Potter

Area: UK-North West


Open Launch. Construction: GRP.
Hull model: Falmouth Oyster Punt
Built by Cygnus Marine at Penryn, Cornwall
Fit out by J. Fuge at Fowey
LOA: 15' 3", Beam: 5' 0", Draft: 1' 6",
Slightly raked stem, transom stern, white hull, mahogany and maple planked deck. Tiller steering. Lines based on Falmouth oyster dredging punt.


Centre drum WT Built by E. Edwards at St Austell
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150psi psi, Heating area: 20 sqft, Output: 120 lbs/hr,
All steel, 16 nested helical coil tubes, superheater/dryer, economiser, blower. (2000 new John Quick built copper core fitted, No.5 size)


Twin. 2 1/4" + 2 1/4" X 2"
Built by E. Edwards at St Austell
Design: 1888 by: George E Whitney
Slip ecc. valve gear.
Triangle connecting rod with single journal crankshaft, engine driven fp, hand fp, Kcond and hotwell. Similar to that in IDA F using Stuart Turner 5A components. (Ref: The Steam Launch, p276-277).


3 blades, 14" X 21"


Formerly PUFFA MOUSE Plant installed into new hull by E. Edwards for R. Pollard (UTMYC) as tender to ‘Sea Mouse’ in 1993. Acquired by M Cridford in July 1995. Aquired by Phillip Rumney 2004, renamed PUFFA. Bought by David Eschbaecher 2009 renamed KIM

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