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Status: In Service

Owner: Roger Calvert


Area: UK-North


Open Launch. Construction: Cold-moulded wood.
Hull model: Flying Dutchman designed by Uus Van Essen and Conrad G├╝lcher at Netherlands in 1951
Built 1970
Fit out 1976 by Geoff Calvert at Wirral
LOA: 20' 0", LWL: 19' 0", Beam: 5' 1", Draft: 1' 4", Displacement: 1650 lbs.
Hull originally Flying Dutchman sailing shell, fitted with keel and skeg. Decked and glass fibre sheathed internally and externally. Painted blue, with white decks and varnish work. Tiller steering. Canvas canopy.


Ofeldt type VWT Built 1993 by Richard Havard at Cardiff, Wales
Fuel: Wood/coal, Pressure: 100 psi, Grate area: 1.5 sqft,
6" dia X 16" high Copper drum(s). 8 X 0.52" dia Copper tubes.
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Automatic feed bypass using a float valve in the hot well, fitted 2021.


Double-acting single. 2.25" X 2"
Built 1972 by Geoff Calvert at Wirral, Cheshire
Design: 5A by: Stuart Turner
Slide valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 0.5 HP
Various changes made to the engine - new split bronze crosshead, PTFE die block and reversing gear bushes. Bevel gear drive to shaft with 2:1 reduction, 500/250rpm. Feed pump and air pump on the same eccentric on the prop shaft


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 14" X 20"
Shaft: 1.125" Stainless Steel
Prop shaft coupled to the gearbox output with a pair of universal joints.


Flying Dutchman shell, never fitted out, acquired by Geoff Calvert in 1970 approximately and fitted out with skeg and propeller for student experiments. Steam plant fitted in 1976 - Stuart Turner 5A engine built by himself from castings and a Merryweather A boiler, ex-Liverpool University. First steamed at the SBA Thames cruise, Radcot, August 1976. Steamed each year (except 1987) since. Multitudinous modifications by the owner over the years, most of which turned out to be improvements. Still the original engine, somewhat modified, but the 4th boiler. Initially based on the Wirral, then for 30+ years in Southampton, now in the South Lakes.

Last Modified: 2024.05.28.

(Mike Bell) Beaulieu River, July 2012


(Richard Bartrop) Lay-up Rally, 2012

(Marguerite Calvert) River Wey, May 2009 (last outing with old boiler)

(Marguerite Calvert) River Itchen, June 2009 (first outing with 'new' boiler)

(Marguerite Calvert) Lay-up Rally, Windermere 2017. Inaugration of new Teapot

(Mary Calvert) Senta as she first steamed in 1976

(Ceri) Senta at the SBA 50th Anniversary Rally, Windermere 2021