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Owner: R. Bossine

Area: UK-West London


Yacht. Construction: Carvel teak.
Built pre by W. Watkins & Co. at Blackwall
LOA: 32' 0", LWL: 30' 0", Beam: 7' 6", Draft: 3' 0",
Transom stern, dark blue, varnished upperworks, 4 berths, saloon, galley, aft wheelhouse.


3-drum WT Built 1992 by Bob Bossine at Kew Bridge
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 125 psi, Heating area: 24 sqft,
Casing 54" high x 28½" x 27½", placed on starboad side of wheelhouse. Designed for smokeless fuel, water ashpan.


Oscillating Vee Twin. 2 1/8" + 2 1/8" X 5"
Built 1982 by Bob Bossine at Chiswick
No.1. Welded plate frame, ram fp driven by one cyl, 200-240 rpm, condensing, ball bearing main and big ends, rotary sliding vane air pump.


3 blades, 24" X 30"
Shaft: 1 1/2" Stainless Steel


Former motor driven auxiliary ketch. 1938 converted to steam with Vosper compound by previous owner G.E.E. Warder, plant removed 1976. In Lloyds Register 1907-76. Acquired by owner 1981, restored, fresh plant fitted 1983.

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(Anna Thomson) Thames Rally, 1998