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Owner: O.P. Thomsen


Area: Germany


Cabin/Saloon Launch. Construction: Strip plank, cedar, oak frames, 2.5mm mahogany ven.
Hull in Owne
Built 1995 by Otto Thomson at Muelheim
LOA: 23' 7", Beam: 6' 8", Draft: 1' 10",
Green, varnished deck and interior, forward saloon, aft canopy.


Kingdon type VFT Built 1996 by Michael Webber at Lancing
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 170 psi, Grate area: 1.8 sqft, Heating area: 32.3 sqft, Output: 165 lbs/hr,
No.1 size, injector.


Twin. 2 3/4" + 2 3/4" X 3"
Built 1995 by Roger Mallinson at Windermere
6 HP at 300 rpm, 3:1 gear driven air pump, condenser.


3 blades, managneseb, 20" X 26"


New launch, designed, built and fitted out by owner to his own requirements. First steamed Oct 1996. Has visited G.B. and Switzerland. Ref: Funnel 100.

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(Owner) Lac Leman, 1998