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Status: Steaming

Owner: J. Soderberg


Area: Sweden


Cabin/Saloon Launch. Construction: GRP, simulated clinker.
Hull model: Adskar 26 designed by Traditional at Sweden
Built 1982 by Nils Gullberg at Knutby
Fit out 1993 by Sven Jonsson at Sweden
LOA: 26' 3", Beam: 8' 8", Draft: 2' 9", Displacement: 6820 lbs.
wheel steering, varnished mahogany saloon.


Vertical Built 2004 by Sven Jönsson at Stockholm
Fuel: wood, Pressure: 147 psi, Grate area: 1 sqft, Heating area: 32 sqft, Output: 110 lbs/hr,
19.69" dia X 31.5" high Welded steel shell barrel. 30 X 1.67" dia Steel tubes. Welded steel construction, Stainless Steel superheater,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle,


2-crank Woolf compound. 2.76" + 5.35" X 4.72"
Built 2009 by Bo Stolt at Stockholm
Design: BoJo by: J. Soederberg
Piston valve. Fink valve gear.
Power: 5 HP
Surface condenser, Edwards air pump, Two stage feed water heater consisting of subcooler + high pressure preheater fed with bleed from LP


Stainless Steel, 3 blades, Left Hand, 29" X 25"
Shaft: 1.4" Stainless Steel
Blade area reduced by cutting the blades almost in half lengthwise. The forward leading edge rounded to a wing profile. The propeller found to run quiet and very efficient after this.


1983-1993 Designed, fitted out and plant installed by Sven Jönsson, 1 cyl high pressure 1993-jul-5 Launched i Stockholm 1995 Slide valve replaced by piston valve, other improvements, 5 knots, 12,5 kg wood per hour 2004 New boiler 2006 New engine, twin high pressure, joy valve gear, piston valve, direct drive Engine consumes far to much steam, low speed as a result, max 3,5 - 4 knots, 15 kg wood per hour 2009 New engine optimised for low steam consumption: woolf compound, separate admission control of hp, high expansion and cyl volume ratio, surface condenser, two stage feed water preheat, accurate feed water flow, later: steam dryer+superheater, economiser. 6 kg wood per hour at 5 knots. Max speed 5,5 knots.

Last Modified: 2022.10.18.

(Owner) newly launched, 1993


In the exact same spot 25 years later

Cruising in the Stockholm Archipelago

Sven ready for arrival at De Laval Turbine Works, Järla.

Anniversary of Strömsholms Kanal 225 years.

Stimmaren at Stockholm Classic Boat Show, march 2018.

Youngman at the helm

Saloon with Windermere Kettle to the left

Engine and navigation