Metric units


Owner: K French


Area: UK-Chiltern


Cabin/Saloon Launch. Construction: Steel.
Built 1905 by Salter Brothers Ltd. at Oxford
LOA: 85' 6", Beam: 12' 6", Displacement: 74000 lbs.
Black, fully fitted aft saloon, varnished upperworks.


RT Scotch Built 1950 by Alex Anderson & Son Ltd. at Motherwell
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 180 psi,
No.4127, single flue, 5' dia x 5' 6" long, 56 x 2ΒΌ" id tubes.


Triple Expansion. 6" + 9" + 12" X 8"
Built 1905 by W. Sisson & Co. Ltd. at Gloucester
pv valve. Radial valve gear.
No.708. 160 IHP, non-condensing.


3 blades, 14degreera, 36" X 72"


New to builders own fleet, used extensively in service between Oxford and Kingston. 1959 converted motor drive with Dorman engine. 1995 acquired by Ed Langley, hull fully restored on original building site and original engine re-fitted with fresh boiler. Used extensively with D.O.T. passenger certificate to Gravesend. Boiler formerly in the COLNE DREDGER 1950-1994. 2005 aquired by Keith French.

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(Richard Havard)