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Swallow II

Status: Active use

Owner: John lowe

Area: UK South East


Open Launch. Construction: Clinker mahogany on oak.
Built 1952 by Eastick’s yard at Broxbourne
Fit out 2003 at South London
LOA: 14' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 6",
Varnished, tiller steering, or side wheel. wine glass type stern.


Porcupine WT Built 1992 by Chatham Steam Ltd.
Fuel: Coal or wood., Pressure: 120 psi, Heating area: 17 sqft,
6" dia X 12" long Steel drum(s). 150 X 1" dia Steel tubes. Steel superheater,
non-condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, steam feed pump, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle,
"Porcupine type". 150 x threaded radial tubes, blanked one end, screwed into a central drum. Re tubed several times.


Compound. X 2"
Built 1975 by J. Devere at London
Designed by: William Lowe
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 2.5 HP
500 rpm, 2¼ HP, non-condensing. Engine marked no.4. believed to be around 4 of these engines built by Bill Devere.


3 blades, 11" X 14"
Made by owner.


Former motor hire-boat on River Ouse at Huntingdon, purchased 1993 and steam plant fitted by owner, first steamed Oct 1994. 2004 boiler rebuilt. Sold to John Moore ,May 2023.

Last Modified: 2023.07.05.

(Owner) River Medway, 1994