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Status: Active use

Owner: Wayne Breidford

Area: USA


Open Launch. Construction: Strip plank, red cedar.
Built 1993 by Kit Hanes at Spokane, Wa.
LOA: 23' 7", LWL: 20' 0", Beam: 6' 3", Draft: 2' 3", Displacement: 2600 lbs.
Counter stern, wheel steering, varnished deck and interior.


Vertical Designed by Merryweather ,
Built 1992 by Kit Hanes
Fuel: Coal or wood., Pressure: 160 psi, Grate area: 2 sqft, Heating area: 30 sqft,
Steel 7/8" dia Copper tubes.
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Styled on Merryweather ‘B’. Based on Light Steam Power Design


Compound. 3" + 5" X 4"
Built by Kit Hanes
Design: 345 by: Semple Engine Co.
sv valve. Slip ecc. with spiral sleeve valve gear.
Cast columns, aux. shaft driven feed and air pump, 350 rpm, 10 IHP, Copper keel Condenser, York air pump 20 Inches Hg


3 blades, 20" X 32"
Shaft: 1 1/16" monel


Hull, Boiler, Engine, Pumps and trailer entirely built and fitted out by Kit Hanes from 1990 to 1994. Sold by Kit Hanes to current owner 2018

Last Modified: 2021.01.24.

Northwest Steam Society Annual meet 2019


Lake Mayfield

Sammamish River, WA

(Builder, Kit Hanes) 1998