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Chimera II

Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Peter Lee

Area: UK


Launch. Construction: GRP.
Hull model: Winklebrig
Built 2005
Fit out 2005 by John Winn at Abingdon
LOA: 16' 0", Beam: 6' 8",
The hull is a WinkleBrigg gaff sloop sailing boat, designed by Eric Bergqvist and built by the Ferry Boatyard, Cheshire.


Ofeldt type Built 2005 by John Winn
Fuel: paraffin, Pressure: 115 psi,
10 3/4" dia Steel drum(s). 20 X 5/8" dia Copper tubes. welded drum, silver soldered tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, forced draft fan, hand pump, injector, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Ofeldt type vertical watertube (vertical drum surrounded by coiled watertubes) built by John Winn to the SBA WTB2 design. Currently paraffin fired with a pot burner and electric forced draft fan.


Single, double acting.
Built 2005 by John Winn at Abingdon
Slip eccentric valve gear.
This boat has had a series of engines, starting with a vee-twin double high built by John Winn. It has also carried a Stuart S and a Canadian built semi-enclosed compound by the late Malcolm Orr, of Hamilton, Ontario. This is the portside of a pair of handed engines, the starboard being in Curlew 3. Currently fitted with a single cylinder, again built by John Winn.


Built in 2005 by John Winn, the boat was later owned by Mark Rudall before being purchased in November 2017 by the current owner.

Last Modified: 2021.05.24.

(Simon Maltby) Windermere 2008

2, 1


(David Creasey) Thames 2006

(John Gibbs) Thames 2005

Malcolm Orr engine being installed. Drive by chain from hp end of engine to prop shaft beneath, with VW Polo cv joint between sprocket and thrust bearing.

Chimera II in 2012