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Status: Steaming

Owner: Dick Penny

Area: UK-North East


Open Launch. Construction: GRP hull with deck and trim in Tatajuba a.
Hull model: Oyster Punt designed by Cygnus Marine at Penryn
Built 2013 by Dick Penny at Hedley on the Hill
Fit out 2013 by Dick Penny at Hedley on the Hill
LOA: 15' 2", Beam: 4' 10", Draft: 1' 6",


Twin-drum WT Designed by SBA,
Built 2009 by Dick Penny at Hedley on the Hill
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150 psi,
Steel drum(s). 29 X 1/2" dia Copper tubes. weld less, drum ends attached by single stay construction, Stainless Steel superheater,
non-condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, steam feed pump, feed water heater, siren,
SBA approved pressure vessel. Casing, layout and ancillaries designed and and made by Dick Penny.


Vee twin. 1 7/8" + 1 7/8" X 2"
Built 2008 by Dick Penny at Hedley on the Hill
Design: No. 8 by: Ray Hasbrouck
Slide valve. SLRG valve gear.
Engine featured in "The Steam Engines of Ray Hasbrouck" Village Press Publications


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 14" X 20"
Shaft: 1" Stainless Steel


Engine, boiler and fitting out done entirely by owner. Started in 2003 with engine, then boiler. GRP hull moulded 2006. Probably the last hull of this type made by Cygnus Marine before they closed down. Completed 2013, launched May 2014.

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Getting ready for first launch on the Derwent Reservoir


Waiting for the boiler inspector

Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir

Making smoke on the River Tees