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Owner: John & Joanie Arnold

Area: USA


Speed boat. Construction: Carvel.
Built 1946 by ChrisCraft
LOA: 23' 0",


VFT Designed by Everett Engineering,
Built 1984 by Everett Engineering at USA
Fuel: wood, Pressure: 125 psi,
Welded steel ,expanded tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, feed water heater, whistle,


90-degree Vee double-annular Compound. 3" + 5" X 4"
Built 1962
Design: 354 by: Semple Engine Co.
Slide valve. Spiral Keyway valve gear.
Power: 10 HP


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 19" X 26"
Shaft: 1" bronze

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