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Kaiserin Zita

Status: Steaming

Owner: Verein fuer Traditionelle Schiffahrt

Area: Austria


Cabin/Saloon Launch. Construction: Swithenia-Mahogany over Acacia ribs and stem of 10.
Hull designed by H.Haitzinger sen. at Attersee/Austria in 1990
Built 1991 by Haitzinger/Austria at Attersee/Austria
Fit out 1991 by Haitzinger at Attersee/Austria
LOA: 32' 10", LWL: 29' 6", Beam: 6' 7", Displacement: 11220 lbs.
Deck Teak Bow Prop., hydraulic rudder 2-axes trailer with air brakes


Designed by E. Stark,
Built 1990 by E.Stark at Goetzis/Austria
Fuel: wood, Pressure: 147 psi, Heating area: 0.6 sqft,
Copper tubes. Copper construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Heating tubes renewed 2010


2 cyl compound.
Built 1991 by Stark at Goetzis/Austria
Designed by: Emil Stark
Stephenson valve gear.
Power: 16.1 HP
Pistons and Cylinders ceramic coated,piston rings made of teflon, therefore no steam oil lubrication necessary, closed steam circuit with condensor. Central lubrication of all moving parts. All steam tubes stainless steel, all visible brass surfaces gold plated -no corrosion


Bronze, 3 blades,


Launched in Attersee 1991, named after the last Empress of Austria and apostolic Queen of Hungary, Zita of Bourbon-Parma (1892-1969), "goodmother" her last daughter Elisabeth Habsburg-Liechtenstein. Visits to Lake Konstanz and Lake Starnberg, there Otto von Habsburg,eldest son of Empress Zita with grandchildren on board. On Austrian alpine lakes the use of petrol fuelled engines is not allowed. therefor the steam operated boat was constructed and used for pleasure cruising of 4 owners.

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