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Fulton's Folly

Owner: Thomas Hillenbrand

Area: Germany


The boiler, engine and paddlewheels were build by Tony Hubner, Victoria Island in British Columbia. I bought the whole steamplant in 2009, it was sended by ship to Germany. In the following years a suitable casco was searched - i found a good canadian styled hull in northern Germany in August 2014. Dimensions of Steam plant and casco were well matched, this hull was a foundation, to build an paddle steamboat. After Hull was completely overhauled, the steam plant was installed. Of course some alterings of hull and engine were necessary. The boiler was converted from wood to gas firing, this was more efficient and also got a better regulation. The boat´s name is "Fulton´s Folly" after Robert Fulton, the inventor of steamboating. First run was in August 8th. in 2016 on river Naab, a tributary of the Danube in Bavaria. Since this time many nice rides were made. Steamplant is suitable and not difficult to regulate. Speed reaches 10 km/h with a pressure of 8 bar.

Added to the register: 2015.05.15. Last Modified: 2021.03.24.

Here you can see the very shallow draft of only 4 inches


Steaming up in the Swabian Alb

The solid construction of the port paddlewheel

The Boiler/engine unit with direct driving engine

Sight of the engineer and pilot

Another impression of the boat

Rudder steering

Cylinder with piston rod and connecting rod

Engine unit and port paddlebox

Ready to fit the engine unit