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S L Luna

Status: Steaming

Owner: Alec Collyer

Area: UK-South West


Open Launch. Construction: Clinker elm on oak.
Hull model: River boat designed by Traditional at Teignmouth, Devon. in 1981
Built 1981 by Jim Belton at Teignmouth
Fit out 1981
LOA: 14' 0", Beam: 5' 3",


3-drum WT Designed by Antony Bever,
Built 1989 by Anthony Bever at Swindon
Fuel: Paraffin / Butane pr, Pressure: 150 psi,
24" Welded steel shell 28 Steel tubes. welded drum, silver soldered tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, Windermere kettle, whistle,


Double-acting single. 3" X 3"
Built 1993 by Anthony Bever at Swindon
Designed by: Anthony Bever
Balanced sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 2 HP
No B2 Kcond


Bronze, 3 blades, 12" X 14"


New as "UNA of Shaldon" fitted with 5A and Clarkson WTB by Ken Slater in 1981. Then "LUNA" with Barry Hughes, Northam, N. Devon. 1992 to Robin Macgregor, fresh steam plant in 1993, renamed again "S L LUNA", laid up 1997-98. Oct 1998 to Bill Findlay , Thames. Then via Derek and Janet Mills to Alec Collyer MBE (Present owner) in 2000 ?? busy still steaming !!

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