Metric units


Status: Active use

Owner: Dick Dolton


Area: UK-West London


Canoe. Construction: Marine plywood on wood frames.
Hull designed by owner at Hampton in 2020
Built 2020 by owner at Hampton
Fit out 2020 by owner at Hampton
LOA: 17' 0", LWL: 16' 10", Beam: 3' 3", Draft: 1' 4", Displacement: 176 lbs.
Hull weight less plant 50kg.


Monotube Designed by John Emmett,
Built 2020 by John Emmett at Hampton-on-Thames
Fuel: Wood briquettes, Pressure: 80 psi, Grate area: 0.8 sqft, Heating area: 4 sqft, Output: 30 lbs/hr,
0 Cunifer tubes. Zintec casing construction,
non-condensing, hand pump, electric feed pump, whistle,
In unit with engine, Excess water operation with 1 1/2 inch square steel separator/header. Plant quickly removable from hull. 30kg total plant weight


Double-acting single.
Built 2019 by Owner at Hampton
Design: 4 columns by: 0wner
D valve valve. Slip eccentric valve gear.
Electric flywheel. Engine weight 12kg.


Brass, 2 blades, Right Hand, 12" X 12"


Developed from Sirius 6.

Added to the register: 2021.01.19. Last Modified: 2024.07.03.

during build 2020


Windermere 2022

Thames Rally 2022, start of Thames and Severn canal

For 2023 I have changed the foam pads for pipe lagging on the gunwales, (just because I liked the looks). Funnel now white, and the safety valve extension may not be needed because there is a skin fitting drain valve now.