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Corra Linn

Status: Nearing Completion

Owner: Daniel Jančík

Area: Europe


Open Launch. Construction: Stip plank, cedar, oak framing,glass sheeting outs.
Hull designed by Selway Fisher
Built 2008
Fit out 2021
LOA: 21' 0", Beam: 4' 10",


Yarrow Designed by J King,
Built 2020
Fuel: Coal or wood., Pressure: 250 psi, Heating area: 42 sqft,
200 X 0.39" dia Cunifer tubes. Expanded construction, Cunifer superheater,
engine driven pump, hand pump, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle,


Compound. 2,5" + 3,75" X 2"
Built 2020
Designed by: Reliable Steam Engine
D valve valve. Stephenson valve gear.
Power: 5 HP


Bronze, 3 blades,


The hull and most of the boiler was made by Mr. John Macmillan in Lanark as a replica of Nathaniel Hereshoff's launch Maud. John intented to fit it with a bronze single cyl. engine. I (the current owner) started my steamboat project parallel with John without knowing so and in an opposite order (engine - boiler - hull). Just after finishng my engine I run into John's add selling Corra Linn. (Unfortunatelly I only got to speak with John once...) After bringing her from Scotland to Czech republic (cca 2200km) I started works to finish the boiler (rolling in all the tubes...) Now Corra Linn is in my garden and I am working on her to be put on the river Moldau soon hopefully.

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Her original home in Lanark

2, 1


Picture from a drone

On the way to her new home port

After a first test with load (prop in water barrel)