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Owner: Paul Smith

Area: UK-Thames


Open Launch. Construction: Strip plank, red cedar, epoxy glass sheeting outsi.
Hull designed by Paul Smith
Built 2006 by Paul Smith at Kintbury
LOA: 25' 0", LWL: 23' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 0", Displacement: 1600 lbs.
Oxford Blue hull, straight stem, counter stern, fitted out with varnished mahogany covering boards and interior, wheel steering.


Locomotive type Designed by Owner,
Built 2007 by T.R.S. Boiler Makers
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150 psi, Grate area: 1 sqft,
14" dia X 12" long barrel. 18 X 1.25" dia Steel tubes. Welded steel construction, superheater,
non-condensing, injector, whistle,
Boiler offset in boat to balance engineer/coal supply, overall dimensions 20" tall, 14" wide and 28" long, wet ashpan. Feed via 2 Buffalo injectors taking water from lake/river.


Twin. 3" + 3" X 3"
Built 1898 by G.F.G. DesVignes at Chiswick
Slide valve. SLRG valve gear.
Probably built by the company of Des Vignes Cloud and Co. Cylinder block, columns, and bedplate all cast as one. Crankshaft and conrods replaced at some point in it's past (i.e not original, with reduced bearing surfaces) & not in the Des Vignes style. Non-condensing and exhausts to atmosphere up the funnel.


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 18" X 32"
Shaft: 1" Stainless Steel
Cut down Gaines 0.35 DAR


New launch designed and built in the Des Vignes style by owner to suit the historic engine. Traditional three cockpit design with forward seating area, engineers compartment amidships and rear seating area. The engine is a twin high to the designs of G.F.G Des Vignes, thought to be built by the company of Des Vignes, Cloud and Co. (around 1898-1899) due to the all cast -in-one design used by the firm at the time. Formerly fitted in Columbine 1988-97 and Yvette 1977-83

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