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Spirit of Fire

Status: Under Construction

Owner: Martin Sluimer

Area: Netherlands


Yacht. Construction: Steel throughout.
Hull model: Zwaardvis designed by Van de Stadt in 1960
Built 1962
LOA: 26' 7", LWL: 24' 6", Beam: 8' 4", Draft: 3' 0", Displacement: 5280 lbs.
Keel / center board design, center board removed. Keel draft to be decreased by 4 inches to comply with local inland waters regulations.


Babcock type WT Designed by John King,
Built by owner at Netherlands
Fuel: Coal or Oil, Pressure: 250 psi, Grate area: 2 sqft, Heating area: 38 sqft, Output: 216 lbs/hr,
8" dia X 21.65" long Seamless steel drum(s). 131 X 0.5" dia Cunifer tubes. Steel Drum, Cunifer tubes, bolted ends construction, Stainless Steel superheater,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, steam feed pump, feed water heater, whistle,
LR DAD according to EU PED cat. III


2 cyl compound. 3" + 5" X 3"
Built 2022 by Owner at Netherlands
Design: 3+5X3 by: AA Leak
pv on HP, sv on LP valve. SLRG with double-bar marine links valve gear.
Power: 8 HP


Bronze, 4 blades, Right Hand, 24" X 27"

Added to the register: 2022.01.05. Last Modified: 2023.10.20.

Rigging and superstructure to be removed, draft to be decreased from 3 ft to 2 ft 8 inch due to local regulation.


more or less the plan

Mast, rigging and mast foot removed, the remainder preserved : "on ice" for the time being