Owner: Reidar and Mariane Angell Jakobsen

Area: Norway


Owner: B. Croft

Area: UK-North


Owner: P. Nichols

Area: UK-East Anglia

Steam plant fitted by first owner John Quick, originally with WTB from SIRIUS 6. First steamed April 1986. Acquired 1989. (Engine in SIRIUS 6 1979-80).


Status: Active use

Area: UK

Fitted out and steam plant fitted by first owner Denys Drower on the Isle of Man, named Polly D. Feb 1992 sold to Colin Tebbutt, Tighnabruaich. June 1993 acquired by Tony Young and steamed extensively on Scottish canals and lochs as the Lucy Ashton. August 2018 acquired by David Ridland. April 2019 renamed the Daisy.


Owner: T. Cross

Area: UK-North West

New boat built for owner, steam plant fitted by owner 1995, first steamed 1995. Steamed each year since. Local children’s events attended.


Owner: Ken Henderson & Scott Johnston

Area: UK-Scotland

Believed originally named PUNCH and may have been a sailing vessel as a step for a mast still exists. Rebuilt in Norwich during the 1950’s when named SILVER HERON. The hull was fitted with an internal combustion engine probably at this time. 1980’s came to Harry Watson to partner his LADY ROWENA on Loch Awe. Subsequently sank and became derelict. 1994 acquired by Bob Smith. Completely rebuilt and steam plant fitted 1997-99. First steamed August 1998. Engine believed formerly to be in a launch named MAY. Thames Vintage Boat Club Register No. 28. 2004 acquired by Graham Lyle. 2005 reacquired by Bob Smith. 2012 acquired by Ken Henderson. Dalmore now sails regularly on Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond and occasionally on Windermere.

Dalswinton Steamboat

Owner: Dumfries & Galloway College of Technology

Area: UK

Built as a replica to designs of Patrick Miller (hull) and William Symington (engine), at the suggestion of David Landale, present owner of the Dalswinton Estate where original trial steaming took place on 14th October 1788, Ref: Scots Magazine, November 1788. (Restored original engine of 1788 on display in the Science Museum, South Kensington).


Status: Active use

Owner: John Olsen

Area: New Zealand

The engine build was started in 2001, the boiler in about 2004, and the hull in about 2007. The hull was launched for the first time in February 2017 with boiler and engine in place. First steamed October 2018.

Daniel Adamson

Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Daniel Adamson Preservation Society

Website: http://www.danieladamson.com

Area: UK-North West

Built for the Shropshire Union Railway & Canal Co. as the RALPH BROCKLEBANK to run a barge towage and passenger packet service between Ellesmere Port & Liverpool - Sold to the Manchester Ship Canal Co. in 1922 for towing duties on the MSC - Refitted in 1936 as the Directors launch and inspection vessel and renamed as the Daniel Adamson - Major refit in 1953 and new boiler fitted - Taken out of service 1984 - Moved to the Boat Muesum at Ellesmere Port 1986 - Bought by the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society in 2004 for £1 to save her from the scrapman's torch and moved to Salisbury Dock, Liverpool - Over the next ten years the vessel was moved to Sandon Dock, Liverpool and the Society embarked on a plan of conservation and restoration using a team of volunteers - Awarded a £3.8M grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2015 to fully restore the vessel to a fully working passenger carrying tug tender.

Day Dream

Owner: P.J. Guy

Area: UK-North West


Owner: L.E. Cardoza

Area: USA


Owner: R. Moschberger

Area: Switzerland

When Rudi Möschberger passed his launch VEDEGGIO to Jürg Meier in 1998 he regretted having to stop steamboating, so this boat is built for ease of handling, it weighs only 600 lbs. First steamed April 1998.


Owner: E.J. Langley

Area: UK-Chiltern


Owner: D. Hammett

Area: Taiwan ROC

Steam plant fitted by first owner Mike Chapman, first steamed 1988. Acquired by present owner 1989. Laid up since 1991.


Owner: P. & D. Malpas

Area: Australia

It has been a constant test-bed of experimentation and improvement interspersed with many tours and events with great friends and like minded people. We started ambitiously with the engine governed to a 3 bladed variable pitched prop. (with no reversing gear on the engine) with the hope of achieving automatic control, but this proved elusive. At this time we were using a 1.6:1 chain drive to the original (1" ss) propshaft as the original I.C. engine ran a small dia. prop. Next we progressed through slip eccentric then to bevel-gearbox to achieve fwd. neutral and rev. allowing the engine and feed pump to tick over whilst moored. To get rid of heavy gearbox messy and noisy chains and tensioners and bring the prop out to the end of the transom, a new stern tube was bored to allow direct drive off the crankshaft through a CV joint. This allowed a large 14" x 26" propeller accessible for weed clearing and to use a Kichen rudder system which still gives us fwd. neutral and reverse with masterful maneuverability. I recently built a "Wells Balanced" compound engine 4" + 2" x 3" [with LP (2 piston rods) above the HP cylinder (single rod in the middle) with cranks at 180 deg . all internal forces opposed and balanced minimizing bearing loads] This was interchangeable with David’s single while I overhauled it and trailed the "Well’s", which worked great. David’s is now reinstalled.


Status: No longer a Steamer - Scrapped

Owner: Pounds Shipowners & Shipbreakers Ltd.

Area: UK

Built as H.M.S. HANDY, 1891 renamed HMS EXCELLENT, 1916 HMS CALCUTTA, 1917 HMS SNAPPER. April 1922 sold to Dover Harbour Board, converted to floating crane and renamed. Acquired c1971, crane demolished, hull and machinery retained, awaiting restoration.


Owner: John Rusalen

Area: UK-East Anglia

New launch built by first owner Dr Jeffrey Chapman to his own specification, named FFOLLY OF FISHGUARD. First steamed August 1989. Acquired by JA Burrows in 1998 and re-named.


Owner: G.H. Pattinson

Website: http://www.steamboat.org.uk/dolly.htm

Area: UK

In ‘Guinness Book of Records’ as the oldest mechanically powered boat in the world. Owned by Fildes family on Windermere in 1870’s. Sunk on Ullswater 1895, salvaged by owner and Barrow-in-Furness Sub-Aqua Club, restored 1963-5, name discovered 1972. Ref Light Steam Power publication July 1966. Now in Windermere Steamboat Museum, original boiler also on display.

Dolphin 3

Owner: A. Fraser

Area: Australia


Owner: National Maritime Museum

Area: UK

Built as LODONA for A. Palmer, Reading biscuit manufacturer, 1912 owned James Bigwood and re-named. 1920-1969 owned Thames Conservancy as their Upper Thames inspection launch. April 1969 presented to NMM.

Dorothy II

Area: UK-Thames

Was owned by Stephen Millward until 2003.


Owner: Julian Crowther

Area: UK-North West

New hull fitted out by Richard Havard 1981-5. First steamed 1984, laid up since 1992 awaiting new copper boiler. (Previously fitted with owner built Stuart Turner 5A, and Merryweather ‘A’. Before that 3-drum WT and before that small VFT). Plant removed 2008 and sold to Julian Crowther. Intends to fit Wilkie engine and twin drum WT boiler.


Owner: A. Germaney

Area: UK-Midlands


Owner: T. Ray

Area: USA


Owner: L. Yorke

Area: UK-Chiltern

Self built in 2001

Dredger No.3

Owner: British Waterways Board

Area: UK

New to River Severn Commissioners, named JOHN BRADLEY, transferred to BWB on nationalisation 1948, renamed c1960, refitted early 1985. Withdrawn from service April 1999, now for disposal. Boiler formerly in tug PRIMROSE

Duchess of Argyll

Owner: Unknown

Area: Germany

Although originally built as a steam launch, by the 1930s she had a Handy-Billy petrol engine and was operated on the Laleham reach of The Thames. After the war she was owned by Hastings and operated as a trip boat in Kingston called Parmachene Belle. Information from the Hastings family. She is said to have once made the trip from Laleham to Letchlade and back over an Easter Weekend. (Source Mr Timms of Timms Boat Yard). Reg Jacobs, a boat builder from Devon, discovered her sunk and derelict on the Wey. He bought her for £50 in the 1960s and rebuilt her in a yard at Weybridge. Reg Jacobs made the Barley twists and the laminated roof canopy. Thought to have been sold to German owner in 2013 - KJS Ian MacDougal, Runnymede, acquired her and converted her to steam in about 1975 and renamed her The Duchess of Argyll. She also has a Stuart Turner generator on board. She was out of the water at Hurley for a while in the late 1980s until Geoffrey and Joan Desborough acquired her in 1991. Over the last decade Geoffrey rebuilt the inside and completed the canopy to full length. The boiler was rebuilt in 1999. In 2003 The Duchess of Argyll was awarded ‘Boat of the Show’ at The Thames Traditional Boat Rally. (Parmachene Belle is an American fishing fly that was first tied in 1878 in Maine.)


Owner: Robin Wodehouse/John Puddy

Area: UK-South West

Restored by Peter Freebody c1970. New joint owners Robin Wodehouse and John Puddy from Sept 2020

Dunelm Mist

Owner: M. Proud

Area: UK-North East

New launch built to owners requirements, first steamed April 1990. Steamed each year since.


Owner: S. Carter

Area: UK-IoM

Hull built as a motor launch. Now used as tug / workboat at Ramsey Shipyard.


Status: Steaming

Owner: John Trevelyan

Area: UK-Midlands

Retirement project to build a boat big enough to take out the family and friends for a day, Timescale has been long, but I have tried to work to a consistently high standard and do most of the work myself including (Hull, engine, trailer, woodwork, boiler (except pressure vessel). Priority has been to "get it right " to avoid breakdowns.