Status: Sold

Owner: Hubert Paulus

Area: Germany

Bethanne's Rival

Status: Steaming

Owner: Frank Rozelaar

Area: UK-Midlands

The first owner, M Baldwin, was an engineer at the railway works in Derby and his real interest was the steam engine which he made in the 1980's. He later bought the hull and undertook the detailed fitting out over a period of 3 years when he saw little of his wife which gave rise to the name Bethanne's Rival. The current owner bought the boat in 2011.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Neil Harwin

Area: UK-Midlands

S.L. James Watt

Status: Active use

Owner: Rod and Shirl Martin

Area: Australia

S L Luna

Status: Steaming

Owner: Alec Collyer

Area: UK-South West

New as "UNA of Shaldon" fitted with 5A and Clarkson WTB by Ken Slater in 1981. Then "LUNA" with Barry Hughes, Northam, N. Devon. 1992 to Robin Macgregor, fresh steam plant in 1993, renamed again "S L LUNA", laid up 1997-98. Oct 1998 to Bill Findlay , Thames. Then via Derek and Janet Mills to Alec Collyer MBE (Present owner) in 2000 ?? busy still steaming !!


Status: Steaming

Owner: Adam Smith

Area: Australia


Owner: Wim Effing

Area: Netherlands


Status: Fettling needed

Owner: Mark Williams

Area: UK-Cambridgeshire

Built by Borwick Boats of Bowness-on-Windermere in 1955 for the Bowness Bay Marina Boat Hire, as a clinker built wooden hull on frames, it was fitted with an inboard Stuart 2-stroke petrol engine made by Mike Smith of Fleetwood. As "Boat No 5" of their hire fleet, it doubtless served them well as it remained with them until 1996. Purchased in 1996 by a Lake Warden (John Wood, 1936-2014) on Windermere, she was renamed "Swan Song" and used as "Ferry Tender No 1936" by him, with the original engine used until an outboard was fitted (presumably when the original expired), until 2001. Nick Lancaster of Fleetwood then acquired her and embarked on a full refurbishment of the hull, including the addition of striped mahogany topsides, and conversion to steam power by removing the original engine and fitting the current steam boiler and engine. Renamed by Nick as "Missfire", unfortunate health issues intervened and two friends, Roger Squires and Jim Booth, acquired her in 2016 to complete final finishing work. They did so in April 2017, when "Missfire" was tested/approved by C J Davies of the SBA; accompanied by Nick, "Missfire" was successfully returned to water in August 2017 at Lake Coniston. This revealed that some fettling was needed to the drive coupling arrangement, but loss of storage meant that time was against them. Hence, a new custodian was sought and she was acquired by Mark Williams in September 2017, with whom she now resides in Buckden, Cambridgeshire. Fettling over the winter should see her take to the River Great Ouse come spring in 2018.


Status: Future Museum Exhibit - Retired

Owner: Écomusée de la Pêche et du Lac, Thonon-Les-Bain

Area: France

Steamed mainly on Lake Geneva .


Status: Active use

Owner: Alan Atkins

Area: New Zealand

Hull located in an apple orchard in 2004, hull restored and strengthened 2005, steam fit out 2006. Boat was used regularly from 2006 to 2015, then the children arrived and Tui has been laid up since. Now March 2021 with the children 5 & 6 its time to dust off the cobwebs to get her steaming again, so expecting Tui in the water sometime late in 2021.


Status: Active use

Owner: John Emmett


Area: UK-West London

Developed from Sirius 6.

Chimera II

Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Peter Lee

Area: UK

Built in 2005 by John Winn, the boat was later owned by Mark Rudall before being purchased in November 2017 by the current owner.


Status: Steaming

Owner: The Shamrock Trust


Area: UK-North

Built by Shepherds of Bowness 1906. Originally fitted with a Sisson Triple. Owned by W. Birtwistle until 1929, C. Ashley 1930-4. Converted to motor 1948, used by Bowness Bay Boating Co. for tripping. Acquired, derelict Nov 1976, restored and new plant fitted by Roger Mallinson 1978-9. Engine built in 2001 by Roger Mallinson. The boiler came from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway River Irt, and was shortened and converted to side firing. After Shamrock was badly damaged in the floods of 2009, The Shamrock Trust was formed to raise funds for repairs. She was again damaged in the floods of 2015, and repaired under insurance. Shamrock is a member of the National Historic Fleet, certificate no 65. She is formally owned by the Trust, but continues to operate under the management of Roger Mallinson.


Status: In Service

Owner: Roger Calvert


Area: UK-North

Flying Dutchman shell, never fitted out, acquired by Geoff Calvert in 1970 approximately and fitted out with skeg and propeller for student experiments. Steam plant fitted in 1976 - Stuart Turner 5A engine built by himself from castings and a Merryweather A boiler, ex-Liverpool University. First steamed at the SBA Thames cruise, Radcot, August 1976. Steamed each year (except 1987) since. Multitudinous modifications by the owner over the years, most of which turned out to be improvements. Still the original engine, somewhat modified, but the 4th boiler. Initially based on the Wirral, then for 30+ years in Southampton, now in the South Lakes.


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: G.S. StJohn

Area: UK-South West

Awaiting full restoration.


Status: Active use

Owner: Rod and Shirl Martin

Area: Australia


Status: Laid Up

Owner: Alan F. Hurst

Area: UK-East Anglia

Acquired by owner 1972 from Rev D. E. Brown, who acquired in 1962 when named THETIS and fitted with a Robey wagon boiler. Ref: LSP May 1963 and Jan 1968, Funnels 73,74 & 75. Reported sunk 2006


Status: Active use - resting

Owner: John A. Frampton


Area: UK-South West

Steam plant removed from Bucephalus Steam Bicycle, it was originally designed to power a Steam Canoe. Mounted on a lift-in bearer, and fitted with a new gas firing system. New piping was made up to suit boat installation, and improvements to fittings were made. Construction was started in April 2020, flotation testing, July 2020, and construction completed in April 2021. Currently frequently in use with outboard motor as boiler is not yet certified, although it is steam able.

Lady Margaret

Status: Steaming

Owner: Christopher East

Area: UK-Thames

Previously Sir T Fireball. Fitted out and steam plant fitted by builders for E.H.S. Warner, Hayling Island. c1987 Michael Collings, Cardiff. Acquired c1988. Purchased by KG Hanlon c.1988. Laid up for 20 years. Sold in 2007. Found and purchased by his grandson Christopher East in 2018. Currently undergoing major restoration in Marlow at Wootten's Boatyard. Aim to be steaming early spring 2021. Relaunched March 2023 on the Goring Gap, with all the family.


Status: Active use

Owner: Paul Self

Area: UK-North East

New launch completely fitted out by Malcolm Proud 2002 - 2022