River Song

Status: Steaming

Owner: Ian Heppinstall

Area: UK-Midlands

Previously named 'Icthus'. Purchased from original owner in 2016 as a non running project. Machinery layout substantially altered. Engine now drives propeller directly, and a higher capacity VFT boiler is installed in place of the original horizontal type.

Frances Ann

Owner: Dr K & Dr P Cuthbert

Area: UK-Wales

Hull ordered from Beckmann Boatshop in 2008. Shipped from the USA on a road trailer to Southampton. Fitted out design and completion 2009 - 2013. Boiler and engine fitted then moved to Coniston for steam plant fit out. Design and implementation of steam plant by Greg Simpson 2014. Returned to Cheshire for re-fit 2016. Re-fit nearly completed 2020. Moved to Greg Simpson's boatyard due to downsize to Wales taking away garage storage space. Caring responsibilities mean that it is no longer possible to nip up to the Lakes to complete the boat. See Greg Simpson if interested in purchasing.


Status: Undergoing restoration - Undergoing restoration

Owner: Frank Elast

Area: Netherlands


Status: Steaming

Owner: Nigel White

Area: UK-Thames

Plant fitted by first owner Charles Fairbrother, 1988 to John Williams, Stalham, Feb 1989 to Hilda & Michael Bronstein. Restored and boiler replaced Keel Hall'd Boats, Penarth,2012. Acquired present owner May 2012. Replacement engine (same make and model) March 2016.

Ark Royal

Status: Active use

Owner: James Adamson

Area: UK-Scotland

Previously named Albion and before that Mehetabel, now named Ark Royal after a major overhaul and added a canopy


Status: Nearing Completion

Owner: Ian Richards

Area: UK-South West


Owner: Stephen Boyd

Area: UK-Scotland

Built by first owner for Lake Windermere, named THE BETSY then STARBANK. Acquired 1985 and renamed Cinders. Sailed on most Scottish accessible F.W. Lochs


Status: Active use

Owner: Mark Leadeham

Area: UK-Chiltern

Built and owned by John Gibbs from 2009 until 2017. Sold to Mark Leadeham


Status: Steaming

Owner: Alun Jones

Area: UK-South West

New launch fitted out and plant installed by first owner, Simon De Montfort. First steamed 8 April 1985. Acquired 2017. New boiler constructed and fitted 2020 to original Lune Valley design of Glyn Lancaster Jones by present owner. Hull painted and woodwork revarnished 2020. Formerly called "Myth of Malham".


Status: Steaming

Owner: J. Maltby

Area: UK-North

New launch built to owners requirements, hull design by Selway Fisher, completed Dec 1999. Used mainly on Windermere ever since.

Cutty Wren

Status: Active use

Owner: Ian Ridley and David Avery

Area: UK-Thames

1973-75 engine fitted in GREAT WESTERN Hull fitted out and plant installed by first owner Glynne Jones 1979 and used on Brecon & Abergavenny Canal as DWR BERWI. Later owned by Don Merrett, Tewkesbury and Wilf Johns, Pembroke and re-named. Acquired 1999 by Bill Patterson for use on Aire & Calder Navigation. Acquired 2005 by John Barber. Acquired 2008 by Felicity Palmer and David Avery Used extensively at SBA Events and on the Thames. Laid up 2010 due boiler problem during Rally on Lough Erne. Now under shared ownership 2021 Ian Ridley and David Avery


Owner: Paul Smith

Area: UK-Thames

New launch designed and built in the Des Vignes style by owner to suit the historic engine. Traditional three cockpit design with forward seating area, engineers compartment amidships and rear seating area. The engine is a twin high to the designs of G.F.G Des Vignes, thought to be built by the company of Des Vignes, Cloud and Co. (around 1898-1899) due to the all cast -in-one design used by the firm at the time. Formerly fitted in Columbine 1988-97 and Yvette 1977-83


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Steven J. Harcourt, Wesley J. Harcourt

Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/bilgerat671

Area: USA

Hull purchased in Washington in 2004. Extensively repaired, replacing plates, and adding superstructure. Engine purchased in Sudbury, Ontario in 2006 and trucked back to California. Added condensate and feed pumps made from weldament to replace missing originals. Replaced cast iron LP piston with hollow aluminium one weighing 20lbs less! Working on replacing Slide Valves with Balanced Slide Valves. Launch date in the Sacramento River Delta August 23rd, 2017. Steamed over 3,000 miles as of January 2021.

Ben My Chree

Status: Undergoing renovation - Awaiting refit

Owner: Steven J. Harcourt, Wesley J. Harcourt

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCgOlZwldJuC5wf25u661Q

Area: USA West Coast

Name "Ben My Chree" means 'Woman of my heart' in Manx. John chose this name as his family hailed from the Isle of Man before emigrating to the US. This name has also adorned the transoms of no less than six ships of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Hull is an enlarged version of Panatela from "Steamboats and Modern Steam Lanuches" Commissioned and fitted out by John York of "York Compound" fame with the very first of his engines. In 1990 he removed the steam machinery and refitted with an antique Hicks 10hp gas engine. The engine, boiler, patterns, and drawings were all subsequently sold. The hull was bought by current owner in 2015. The original boiler was located at a friend's house in California. After much detective work, the original was located in engine in possession of Kent Lacey Connecticut. After much negotiating, and with the kindness and understanding of Mr. Lacey, we were able to purchase original engine and reunite the original machinery once again. In process of refitting all machinery and returning her to the water.

George H. Sandin

Owner: Steven J. Harcourt

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/bilgerat671/videos

Area: USA

Bare hull purchased and fitted out by Steven Harcourt. Originally powered by Harcourt designed and built 2-1/2+4x3" compound, and former vulcanizing plant vertical fire tube boiler. Engine and boiler changed to Scripps compound and Harcourt built Roberts style horizontal watertube in 1988. Boiler changed to Semple vertical firetube in 1992. New Scripps cylinder block fitted in 2014.

Wayward Belle

Owner: Wesley Harcourt

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/bilgerat671/videos

Area: USA

Designed and built by William Charles Grosjean of Poway, California over a period of 30+years. First launched in 1988. In continued refinement until health forced sale to current owner Wesley Harcourt of South Lake Tahoe, California in 2005. Flank speed confirmed via GPS with one aboard is 8 knots. Cruising speed of 6.5 knots with approx. 1/gal/hr fuel consumption. Seen on Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" television show winning the race between the show's "Steam Up Sucker" project steam launch and the other steamboats of the 2005 B&W steamboat rally in Isleton, California.


Status: Steaming

Owner: The Shamrock Trust

Website: https://www.shamrocktrustuk.org/

Area: UK-North

Built by Shepherds of Bowness 1906. Originally fitted with a Sisson Triple. Owned by W. Birtwistle until 1929, C. Ashley 1930-4. Converted to motor 1948, used by Bowness Bay Boating Co. for tripping. Acquired, derelict Nov 1976, restored and new plant fitted by Roger Mallinson 1978-9. Engine built in 2001 by Roger Mallinson. The boiler came from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway River Irt, and was shortened and converted to side firing. After Shamrock was badly damaged in the floods of 2009, The Shamrock Trust was formed to raise funds for repairs. She was again damaged in the floods of 2015, and repaired under insurance. Shamrock is a member of the National Historic Fleet, certificate no 65. She is formally owned by the Trust, but continues to operate under the management of Roger Mallinson.

La Melinite

Status: Steaming

Owner: John Jewsbury

Area: UK-South East

Designed and built for Adian Birtles in 1992. Commissioned at Port Dinorwic 28th August 1993, then regularly steamed every year till laid up in 2001. Acquired by John Jewsbury August 2008 and extensively re-furbished. Bare wood restoration to topsides and varnished in traditional varnish. New boiler chassis and floor fabricated together with new feedwater heater and steam dryer elements by Glyn Lancaster Jones who made the original boiler. Extensively re-plumbed in copper to replace various stainless additions which had appeared after Adrian sold the boat to Bill Hattersley in April 1999. Bill used the boat regularly for just over a year then laid her up; selling her to John Jewsbury in 2008. Steamed and used every year since she was re commissioned in June 2010. Boiler retubed early 2021.