Status: Steaming

Owner: Roger Calvert


Area: UK-North

Hull adapted and plant fitted by Dr. Geoffrey Calvert in 1976. First steamed at the SBA Thames cruise, Radcot, August 1976. Steamed each year (except 1987) since. Multitudinous modifications by the owner over the years, most of which turned out to be improvements.


Status: Active use

Owner: Kelly Anderson

Area: USA

I purchased the boat in 2014. The previous owner had neglected the boat, leaving it exposed to the weather for long periods. I bought a derelict steam car engine at an auction, and converted it into a launch engine by building a new sole plate, crankshaft, columns, pumps, and flywheel. It is unique in that it has many features that I have never seen before. Her first operation was at Raquette Lake, New York in August 2015. Vividus is Latin, meaning alive, animated, lively, vigorous, spirited, and lifelike.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Dan McFarlane

Area: UK-East Anglia

Built at Hampton c 1904 allegedly by Burgoine. Hull rebuilt in 1954 by Eric Jordan and Peter Freebody at Woottens Boatyard, Cookham for J. B. Hickey, Richmond, who also owned Pierrette, Elfin and Rose ODea, and machinery re-fitted, with many original fittings and woodwork. She was re-planked in Teak (Prev. a 'pine')

1954 to 1971 J.B.Hickey (re-named COOKHAM DEAN)

1971 to 1973 John Churchill (re-named STROMBOLI)

1973 to 1979 Jonathan Minns (Wheel steering fitted)

1979 to 1991 The Hon W. H. McAlpine.(Folding screens added, reverted to her original name)

1991 to 2017 Robert and Tina Baker. (ref. Old Glory, March 1995)

Winner at various Thames Trad. Rallies of Thames Heritage Cup,Horsham Cleat and Reade Propeller trophies.
Dates are flakey - Anyone who can help with Firebirds' history, please get in touch. Anyone with the same/similar 'Admiralty' feed pump arrangement - Air Bottle(s) mounted directly above the the delivery valve, likewise - I'm looking to re-instate the original config.


Status: Laid Up - Undergoing restoration

Owner: Mark Herrod

Area: UK-North West

Hull built as prototype for ‘Elegance’ range, subsequent hulls have more beam. Acquired late 1978, plant fitted 1981 by T Macan and R. Mallinson. First steamed May 1981 on Windermere. Laid up 1992. Sold 2021.

Frances Ann

Owner: Dr K & Dr P Cuthbert

Area: UK-Wales

Hull ordered from Beckmann Boatshop in 2008. Shipped from the USA on a road trailer to Southampton. Fitted out design and completion 2009 - 2013. Boiler and engine fitted then moved to Coniston for steam plant fit out. Design and implementation of steam plant by Greg Simpson 2014. Returned to Cheshire for re-fit 2016. Re-fit nearly completed 2020. Moved to Greg Simpson's boatyard due to downsize to Wales taking away garage storage space. Caring responsibilities mean that it is no longer possible to nip up to the Lakes to complete the boat. Now sold and understood to have been dismantled.


Status: Undergoing restoration - Undergoing restoration

Owner: D. Boekweit

Area: Netherlands


Owner: Hubert Paulus

Area: Germany

Bethanne's Rival

Status: Steaming

Owner: Frank Rozelaar

Area: UK-Midlands

The first owner was an engineer at the railway works in Derby and his real interest was the steam engine which he made in the 1980's. He later bought the hull and undertook the detailed fitting out over a period of 3 years when he saw little of his wife which gave rise to the name Bethanne's Rival. The current owner bought the boat in 2011.


Status: Active use

Owner: Martin Allen

Area: UK-East Anglia

Hull design based on owner’s first Amaryllis (qv) due to be launched 2000 (delayed by tragic death of J.A. Ritchie). Originally known as Amaryllis - name changed to Alytra 2021


Status: Steaming

Owner: J. Maltby

Area: UK-North

New launch built to owners requirements, hull design by Selway Fisher, completed Dec 1999. Used mainly on Windermere ever since.

Emily Anne

Status: Active use

Owner: D Hutchinson


Area: UK-North West

New boat built to specification of Tom Mason, owner's grandfather. First steamed 22 Nov 1992. Extensive cruising on canal and river system ever since.


Status: Future Museum Exhibit - Retired

Owner: Écomusée de la Pêche et du Lac, Thonon-Les-Bain

Area: France

Steamed mainly on Lake Geneva .

River Song

Status: Steaming

Owner: Ian Heppinstall

Area: UK-Midlands

Previously named 'Icthus'. Purchased from original owner in 2016 as a non running project. Machinery layout substantially altered. Engine now drives propeller directly, and a higher capacity VFT boiler is installed in place of the original horizontal type.


Status: Undergoing restoration - Undergoing restoration

Owner: Frank Elast

Area: Netherlands


Status: Steaming

Owner: Nigel White

Area: UK-Thames

Plant fitted by first owner Charles Fairbrother, 1988 to John Williams, Stalham, Feb 1989 to Hilda & Michael Bronstein. Restored and boiler replaced Keel Hall'd Boats, Penarth,2012. Acquired present owner May 2012. Replacement engine (same make and model) March 2016.

Ark Royal

Status: Active use

Owner: James Adamson

Area: UK-Scotland

Previously named Albion and before that Mehetabel, now named Ark Royal after a major overhaul and added a canopy


Status: Nearing Completion

Owner: Ian Richards

Area: UK-South West


Owner: Stephen Boyd

Area: UK-Scotland

Built by first owner for Lake Windermere, named THE BETSY then STARBANK. Acquired 1985 and renamed Cinders. Sailed on most Scottish accessible F.W. Lochs


Status: Active use

Owner: Mark Leadeham

Area: UK-Chiltern

Built and owned by John Gibbs from 2009 until 2017. Sold to Mark Leadeham


Status: Steaming

Owner: Alun Jones

Area: UK-South West

New launch fitted out and plant installed by first owner, Simon De Montfort. First steamed 8 April 1985. Acquired 2017. New boiler constructed and fitted 2020 to original Lune Valley design of Glyn Lancaster Jones by present owner. Hull painted and woodwork revarnished 2020. Formerly called "Myth of Malham".