Status: Steaming

Owner: Nathan Dickey

Area: USA

Krakatua is a 28-foot steam launch built over a period of time and launched in 1985. The vessel was built around an antique compound steam engine by A.G. Munford, Ltd., 1887c. The vessel was named for the volcano that erupted in Indonesia in the same year. The fiberglass hull was built by Eclipse Company in Preston, Maryland by Jonathan T. McClain in 1980. It was then finished by Rich Boatyard in Bass Harbor, Maine in clear ash with quarter saw fir decks and cockpit soul. The deck hardware was custom made by G.D. Smith in Victoria, Australia. She is 28 feet long, 8 feet beam, and 2-½ feet draft. The vessel cruises quite easily at 7-1/4 knots. The steam engine is a compound surface condensing engine built by A.G. Munford, Ltd. in England. The pistons diameters are 2 ½ inches x 5 inches x 4-inch stroke. The engine was completely rebuilt by Peter Freebody and Company in England. For safety the boiler can be fed through three separate independent systems; mechanical pumps driven off the engine, Penberthy injector, and hand operated pressure pump. After the steam is exhausted it passes through an external bronze condenser manufactured by Walter’s Clean-Flow Keel Coolers. The condensent then goes to a hot well where the steam oil is separated out. The feed water is recycled so the makeup tank is only about 25 gallons. The Semple vertical fire tube boiler (FT 80) is completely wood and brass jacketed. It is equipped with tri-coxes and water level sight glass. The design strength is two thousand psi with an operating pressure of 150 pounds psi. The boiler has been fired with coal but could be fired with charcoal, wood, etc. It is also equipped with a blower and a super heating coil. The boiler holds 35 gallons up to the top of the sight glass. The vessel is equipped with a gusher bilge pump and a steam ejector for pumping the bilge. Steering is hydraulic with a wheel mounted on the starboard side.

NMRN Steam Pinnace (Steam Pinnace 198/199/224)

Status: Steaming

Owner: National Museum of the Royal Navy


Area: UK-Solent

Recent research indicates that her machinery was originally fitted in pinnaces 209 and 224 and the hull, stern cabin and funnel came from 224. 224 was assigned to HMS Inflexible, a battlecruiser built on the Clyde and was used as the admiral’s barge during Inflexible’s visit to the USA. After that she was Commander in Chief Portsmouth's Barge; Captain / Assistant Captain of the Dockyard's Barge; spare Admiral's Barge for the Grand Fleet. Sold out of the Royal Navy 6 August 1948. Spent some time in Frederick Watts’ boatyard, Forton Lake, Gosport. In 1955 she steamed to the Thames (“Steam Picket Boats and Other Small Steam Craft of the Royal Navy” by N.B.J. Stapleton describes the trip), renamed TRELEAGUE, her steam plant was removed and she had various owners. The bare hull was acquired by the Royal Naval Museum in 1979 for renovation by the Steam Launch Restoration Group in Gosport under the guidance of the late Peter Hollins MBE. An older pinnace boiler and an engine from a similar steam pinnace were obtained from HMS Sultan. The admiral’s barge counter stern was removed. Restored to her former state including machinery and recommissioned in 1984. She was initially misidentified as steam pinnace 198 and then this was changed, incorrectly again, to 199 for over 30 years. In 2012 she commenced a five-year refit and the volunteers were awarded two national prizes: The Institute of Mechanical Engineers Award for Volunteering in the Conservation of Industrial Artefacts and a similar award from National Historic Ships. There was also an award from The Transport Trust. She is still operational and during the summer months can be seen steaming in Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent - exactly as she was doing more than 100 years ago - with the crew in Edwardian Naval Rig. Also viewable year round afloat in Boat House 4, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Out of 786 Steam Pinnaces built for the RN between 1888 and 1928, she is the only remaining steam pinnace/picket boat able to steam.

Steam Pinnace 199

Owner: Royal Naval Museum

Area: UK

SEE MORE COMPLETE ENTRY UNDER "NMRN Steam Pinnace (Steam Pinnace 198/199/224)" New to Admiralty, 1916 converted to Admiral’s barge. 1930 duty boat at Netley Hospital, c 1946 sold out of service, c 1955 steamed to Thames, named TRELEAGUE, converted motor, various owners. Hull restoration 1975 by Tough Bros., Teddington. Acquired 1979. Steam plant fitted at Gosport, first re-steamed Sept 1984. Now on display at Portsmouth Dockyard. Contact: 02392 727562. (1984-93 fitted with c1898 built 3-drum WT). Formerly known as 198.


Owner: T. Febvret


Area: France

Hull bought in UK, found on Ebay, previously fitted with a Stuart petrol engine. clinkers replaced by Chantier Naval de la Passagère (Brittany, on river Rance). Deck and interior fitted out by owner. Re launched in july 2010


Owner: Carolyn Potter

Area: UK-North West

Formerly PUFFA MOUSE Plant installed into new hull by E. Edwards for R. Pollard (UTMYC) as tender to ‘Sea Mouse’ in 1993. Acquired by M Cridford in July 1995. Aquired by Phillip Rumney 2004, renamed PUFFA. Bought by David Eschbaecher 2009 renamed KIM

Cutty Wren

Status: Fettling needed

Owner: Felicity & Dave Palmer

Area: UK-Thames

1973-75 engine fitted in GREAT WESTERN Hull fitted out and plant installed by first owner Glynne Jones 1979 and used on Brecon & Abergavenny Canal as DWR BERWI. Later owned by Don Merrett, Tewkesbury and Wilf Johns, Pembroke and re-named. Acquired 1999 by Bill Patterson for use on Aire & Calder Navigation. Acquired 2005 by John Barber. Acquired 2008 by Felicity Palmer and David Avery Used extensively at SBA Event and on the Thames. Laid up 2010 due boiler problem during Rally on Lough Erne

Al Hadir

Owner: Cdr.J.V. Hodgkinson R.N.

Area: UK-South West

Built 1988/89 from a Rupert Latham moulding and hull kit. Launched March 1989. Originally fitted with ‘Swan’ engine and an ‘Illingworth’ boiler from ‘Finch’ built by Raymond Vallings. Re-engined winter of 1990/91 with a Stuart 6A built by owner. Steamed every year since launch. Re-boilered winter of 2003/4 with a VWT boiler similar to ‘Illingworth’ but with coiled generator tubes and a ‘Water Wall’ designed and built by owner. Externally indistinguishable from the original. Taken to France every Summer since 1990 where she has steamed more miles than in U.K. Has only failed to get home under her own steam on one occasion.

St Urs

Status: Active use

Owner: Thomas Schmid


Area: Switzerland

Built 1889 by Holtz in Hamburg for S.D.B.C. (Solothurner Dampfbootclub). Operated from 1889-1894 in Solothurn on the River Aare and the Lakes of Jura. Sold 1894 on the Lake of Lucerne. 1903 converted to electric power and renamed “Volta” on the Lake of Sarnen. 2005-2006 restored to the original state as a Canopy Steam Launch by the wharf of the SGV in Lucerne (Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees) and given the original Name “St. Urs”.


Status: Nearing Completion

Owner: National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Area: UK-South West

Fitted out and plant fitted by C. F. Parsons. 1972 to W. Bonney. Acquired 1997 and refitted. Acquired in 2015 by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and currently undergoing restoration.


Status: Steaming

Owner: The Shamrock Trust


Area: UK-North

Built by Shepherds of Bowness 1906. Originally fitted with a Sisson Triple. Owned by W. Birtwistle until 1929, C. Ashley 1930-4. Converted to motor 1948, used by Bowness Bay Boating Co. for tripping. Acquired, derelict Nov 1976, restored and new plant fitted by Roger Mallinson 1978-9. Engine built in 2001 by Roger Mallinson. The boiler came from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway River Irt, and was shortened and converted to side firing. After Shamrock was badly damaged in the floods of 2009, The Shamrock Trust was formed to raise funds for repairs. She was again damaged in the floods of 2015, and repaired under insurance. She is formally owned by the Trust, but continues to operate under the management of Roger Mallinson.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Peter McCormick

Area: UK-North East


Owner: Mike Philips

Area: UK-South West

Built for 54 ton yawl ARTEMIS, owned F. L. Pearson 1899 -1904, by Summers , Payne , and Hatcher , the launch and boat building division of S.&P. The original engine is still installed ,but the S.&S. boiler is kept in store and a modern (2009) Glyn Lancaster-Jones Lune valley type is currently used. 2nd owner was Member of Parliament William Nicholson (RYS) until 1939. After the war the "big" Artemis became a house boat and the launch was sold off. The launch Artemis was based for several decades on the Cam at Cambridge until purchased by Mike and Susan Phillips who trailer her to events from their base on the Tamar .


Owner: Colin Wheeler

Area: UK-South East

Assembled and fitted out by original owner over 2008-2013


Status: Active use

Owner: Hansueli. & R. Renz

Area: Switzerland

Built as a sail yacht 1972, converted to steam 1995-1996. Ref: Funnel 101. 1997: Funnel shortened 15 cm 2002: Bow rail removed 2010: flap inserted for easier entering (owner becomes older...) 2015: vacuum pump removed 2015: placed in port of Güttingen


Status: Steaming

Owner: Adrian Thomas

Area: UK-North West

1984 new launch fitted out by builders for first owner John Murch. 1987 aquired by Mike Comben. 1989 by Richard Jensen. 1996 by BM Cooke. 2000 by Ken Challice. First engine: D.C. Burnage, Bedford, 1984, Compound, 2¼" + 4½" x 3", sv, SLRG, On 6 turned columns, lever driven air and fp off Xhead, 5 IHP, 650 rpm, keel c. Previous owner: Ken Challice


Status: Active use

Owner: Michael and Susan Cross

Area: USA


Status: Active use

Owner: Robert Dossor

Area: UK-East Anglia

Originally named Margaret Morrison Sailed by first owner N Alexander on Loch Ness. Later owned by Malcolm & Gwyneth Yeomans. Recently owned by Colin & Nicky Rudall. Purchased 2016 by Duncan and Gill Selby. Temporarily converted to electric whilst engine and boiler repaired by owner following inspection failure. Boat renamed 'Whisper' 2019 and re-fitted with steam 2020. Boat sold 2020 to current owner, operated mostly on Norfolk Broads.


Status: Active use

Owner: Torsten Björling

Area: Sweden


Status: Active use

Owner: Reece Cobb

Area: New Zealand

Puffing Billy

Status: Fettling needed - Long term storage

Owner: Bill Bertram

Area: UK-South West

Bought in 2006, been stored since 2007, trailer custom made with ability to lower boat into the water with 2nd trailer carried piggy-back