Owner: J.J. Tiemeyer

Area: Netherlands

All but engine built new and plant installed by first owners Duncan & Wendy Graham. First steamed 8th June 1991, used on Ullswater. Purchased from yacht broker in Netherlands who exchanged it in GB for a sailing boat. (Engine built for SOOTY)


Owner: Greg Simpson

Area: UK-North West

Hull acquired 1988 in derelict condition, restored by local boat builder John Fuge, steam plant fitted by owner 1988-9, first steamed June 1989, steamed every year since, used on daily passenger tripping during summer. Ref: Classic Boat, May 1989 and Sept 1990. Private cruises by arrangement. Phone: 01726-833278.


Status: No longer a Steamer

Owner: Unknown

Area: UK-North West

New launch designed and built by owner, for completion 2000. Ref Funnel 97. Originally fitted with Cyril Taylor Twin 2½" + 2½" x 2½" with sv and SLRG on 6 turned columns, 400 rpm, 6 IHP built by owner in 1998.


Status: Active use

Owner: Francis Overall

Area: UK-East Anglia

New boat built, fitted out, and steam plant fitted by first owner Phil Moore. First steamed June 1990, steamed each year since. Acquired August 2019


Owner: M Coleman

Area: USA


Owner: D. Cobby

Area: UK-Midlands

Ex Falmouth oyster boat.

General Jenkins

Owner: M. Burnett

Area: UK


Owner: Chris & Maggie Drake

Area: UK-South West

Built new for first owner Geoffrey Moss, named DARTHULA, plant installed by Precision Steam. Acquired by Robin Ford at Henley auction July 1993. Acquired by Terry Mitchell 2004. Purchased by present owner June 2008, attends SBA and other events throughout the South West and Midland Areas.


Owner: A. Rutz-Padrutt

Area: Switzerland

George H. Sandin

Owner: Steven J. Harcourt


Area: USA

Bare hull purchased and fitted out by Steven Harcourt. Originally powered by Harcourt designed and built 2-1/2+4x3" compound, and former vulcanizing plant vertical fire tube boiler. Engine and boiler changed to Scripps compound and Harcourt built Roberts style horizontal watertube in 1988. Boiler changed to Semple vertical firetube in 1992. New Scripps cylinder block fitted in 2014.

Gertrude Matilda

Owner: Ardnaiseig Hotel

Area: UK

Originally named "The Lady Rowena". Owned Lees of Bowness 1926 - 1956, Borwicks 1965 - 1973, at Nottingham 1982-4, acquired 1984 by late Harry Watson, hull restored, steam plant fitted. First steamed July 1986. Acquired 1999 by Loch Awe Steam Packet Co. for hire or charter.


Owner: David Hubbard

Area: UK-Thames

Built by Henry Place in the late eighties to replace a Frolic 18 that was "too damp"on Irish rivers. Sold to Dr. Marcus Rooks in the late nineties. Sold to David Hubbard 2011 , renovated May- July 2011 first steaming 4 August, first run Windermere 8 August!


Status: Steaming

Owner: Steve Williams/Mike Smith

Area: UK-North West

Fitted out by the late Alan Gordon, first steamed 1994 when named RIVERVILLE. Acquired April 1997, fitted with keel condenser, flywheel, flexible coupling etc. renamed. 1998 steamed 100 miles on Macclesfield Canal and Windermere.

Golden Eagle

Status: Active use

Owner: Kent & Lisette Lacey


Area: USA


Owner: The National Trust


Area: UK-North

Originally built in 1859 by Jones, Quiggin & Co, Liverpool for the Furness Railway Co. Withdrawn in 1940, steam plant removed 1944, used as a houseboat, sank 1964, re-floated 1977, new hull built and fittings restored. First steamed again in June 1980. Available for evening charter ( Tel: 15394 41288). Ref: Classic Boat Feb 1997.


Status: Dismantled - Destroyed by fire

Area: UK

Bare hull moulding bought from R.Havard 2001. Boat completely destroyed by fire in 2007.


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: G.C. Boekweit


Area: Netherlands

Designed and built by Botje, Ensing & Co 1913 (Holland) Sold to J.L. Meerman at Rotterdam. Called Goudvisch (goldfish in old dutch writing) 1917 sold to N.V. Houthandel, v/h Varsseveld & Co. Leerdam 1919 sold to D.C. Weerdt at Dordrecht. 1923 sold to C. Popijus at Dordrecht. renamed Adriana Elisabeth. 1931 sold to Belgium (converted into diesel tug) 1960 sold to brothers Quintelier at Dendermonde. named Remi. 2013 sold to current owner G.C. Boekweit, still in the process of restoring her back to a steamtug.

Grab No.1

Owner: Forth Ports plc

Area: UK

New to Leith Harbour Commissioners. Principle use has been to lift caissons at end of shipyard slipways prior to a launch. Now mostly used to move the heavy fender units on the Lead-in-Jetty.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Bruce Harding

Area: UK

Grace was launched on 15 July after a 16 month restoration and is now running on the Wey out of Guildford. She is an all wooden, former motor launch. Bought by the late Tony Turner she was christened ‘Nirimba’ and converted to steam with a Stuart Turner 6A compound and WT boiler which featured internal thimble tubes over a Lune Valley type paraffin burner. Tony kept and used her on Frogmore Creek, South Devon. She was bought by Mark Rudall (Farnborough) in February 06 without boiler and in very run-down condition. Sold to Bruce Harding 2012


Status: Laid Up - resting

Owner: P. Miller

Area: UK-Wales

The original wooden hull (date built unknown) was found by Derrick Mills and used for a plug mould by Bossoms boatyard. They made many GRP copies of the "Nell" hull in various colours. From 1992 to 2001 this one was owned by John Page and known as Egalité and steamed between1994 and 1997. Purchased by current owner in 2001 the original Anthony Beaver, boiler No.31, 3 drum WTB 165 psi, paraffin, was scraped in 2002 but she was returned to service in 2004 as S.L.Graculus. She has since steamed mostly in Wales until laid up again in 2017. Currently waiting for the owner to retire from paid employment.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Ken Lee

Area: UK-Solent

New launch, fitted out and plant installed by Colin Groves 1993. First steamed August 1993. Former circulating pump engine in an ocean tramp steamer.


Status: Active use

Area: UK-Northern Ireland

The hull was built in 1987 to the order of a John Hopkins. He also bought a boiler and a set of castings for the engine from Anthony Bever of Swindon. Mr Hopkins assembled the engine and fitted out the steam plant. By 2010, the almost complete, but still unused, boat, was in the care of Harry Webster on the Kennet and Avon Canal. In 2011, it was purchased by two members of the Linlithgow Union Canal Trust in West Lothian. They steamed it on their canal for a few years until it was purchased from them in 2015 and brought across the Irish Sea (not under its own steam) in September that year. The canopy was added in 2016 after one occasion when mutiny seemed imminent as the crew were soaked by an unseasonable downpour. It was recently fitted with all round PVC windows which means that sailing on showery days is now an option.


Status: Steaming

Owner: J. Maltby

Area: UK-North

New launch built to owners requirements, hull design by Selway Fisher, completed Dec 1999. Used mainly on Windermere ever since.

Great Western

Owner: P. Tripp

Area: UK

Built for Dr. Dickson. 1975-8 owned J. Churchill named CANNONBALL. Acquired 1978 and reverted to original name.

Great Western

Status: Steaming

Owner: Norman Barnett

Area: UK-East Anglia

Built for Dr.Dickson in 1973 From 1975-78 it was owned by J. Churchill who changed the name to the Cannonball. In 1978 Peter Tripp who reverted it to the original name of Great Western. In 2016 I acquired it and have had the hull restored from the Keele to the top side by Wooden boat specialists. Hobroughs Boatyard, Thorpe St. Andrews, Norwich. I also have had the boiler refurbished and a new set of tubes with top plate and bottom plate. I have all necessary paperwork for the boiler inspection., with a current boiler certificate. This Launch is currently For Sale call on 07932653731


Owner: K. Tullett

Area: UK-North

Built new as steamer for S. Kitchen of Lune Valley Co. After WW1 owned A.B. Peck of Windermere and converted motor. After WW2 owned Arthur Fildes, reverted to steam, later motor again. C1972 sold to AS Thompson (Kendal) and converted to steam. Then sold to H Kegg who fitted current plant. Sold to F. Messina. Acquired 1999 by Kim Tullett.


Status: Steaming

Owner: G Umlauf + others

Area: Italy

Gredo, or "Christ" as she was known then, was constructed in 1916 with a completely wooden superstructure. She operated until 1945 by the Meno navigation company as a tug in the river port of Dortmund. She was renamed Gredo in 1946 by the then owner, a name derived from the names of the daughters; Grethel and Dora. Gredo was then operated for many years as a tug by the Mannheim and Karlsruhe navigation company, then in the 1970's she finished her final working days with the Preuss company of Andernach pulling barges. After years of neglect she was bought in 1986 and renovated by the naval shipyard in Bingen. In this period the superstructure was completely replaced in steel. In 2007 a group of international scientists and engineers 'saved' her from demise and transported her to Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. Mistakenly we believed she would steam straight away! After a further five and a half years of hard work and toil she was finally launched in July 2012 and we have been enjoying sailing her on the lake ever since with the goal of steaming to Switzerland some day.


Owner: J.H. Hannah

Area: New Zealand


Owner: M Bass

Area: South Africa

New launch designed and built by owner for completion 2006. Featured in Funnel 128.

Guildford Belle

Status: Steaming

Owner: William Ware

Area: USA

Found in barn in Buffalo, New York 2007. The previous owner said it was in Sternwheeler Magazine in 1962 and in an English film as well. Described in Steamboats and Modern Steam Launches (Durham)

Guildford Belle

Status: Undergoing renovation - resting

Owner: Shelby Ware

Area: USA


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Vernon & Jacqui Lowe

Area: USA Southern States

Ronnie Baird (Rappahannock Boat Works VA22712) built my launch and made a superb job of every aspect of the construction. I had planned to complete the trimming and finishing myself but pressure of business has delayed Guinevere completion.


Status: Active use

Owner: Captain John Turner

Area: Canada (West Coast)

The late Ken Hall of Surrey, BC, Canada conceived, designed and fitted-out "Oesa" in an unused secondhand EB Fibereglass Hull he purchased in 1994. Only the woodwork was contracted to a shipwright. By1997 she was afloat and steaming power by the 1st example of an Elliot Bay Triple Expansion Engine to be completed which had required, amoung other things, Ken's own Modifications. His modifications have subsequently been incorporated in further examples of these engines. Steam is supplied by a Blackstaff Type Boiler of Ken's own design and construction. Following Ken's passing, NWSS Member, Gordon Sullivan, of Custer, Wa, USA, bought her from Mr. Hall's widow in 2012. The vessel returned to Canada in 2017 when ownership again changed to Capt. John Turner of Vancouver. At this time the vessel was renamed, "Gunilla", in honour of a late, life long, Swedish Friend. Susiquent modifications including Sheer-strakes, a (half) Cabin and full Awning Deck have improved comfort while dramatically changing the vessel's appearance.


Status: Active use

Owner: A Familton and L Colsell

Area: New Zealand

A small launch built for pleasure based on a boat in the national museum in Wellington New Zealand. The Adams island Gig. The original hull left on the southern most island of the Auckland Islands, Adams Island in the 1800s to enable any shipwrecked sailors to row back to New Zealand. a trip in excess of 400 kms. Builder Russell Ward subsequent owners, Mark Balemi 1995 ,Kelvin Minchin 2007 A Familton & L Colsell 2019 Complete major engine overhaul 2020.

Gypsy Toad

Owner: N.W. Heath

Area: UK-Thames

New launch built from bare shell acquired 1991, steam plant fitted by owner, first steamed September 1992.