Status: Under Construction

Owner: Guus

Area: Netherlands

Hull built in 1942. Steam launch conversion started in 2016. 2020 hybrid boat ready, start of steam technical part, finishing Elliott bay triple and flash boiler.

22 ft launch

Owner: The Iron Bridge Trust

Area: UK

Owned by N.C.H.Saw until 2005 then donated to the Iron Bridge Trust.

250 Ton Crane

Owner: Manchester Ship Canal Co.

Area: UK

New to owners, steamed regularly.

296 (HSL)

Owner: The West Wales Maritime Heritage Society

Area: UK

Built for Admiralty, 1946 to Tyne Improvement Commissioners. Oct 1974 to Ian Wilton, Newcastle for preservation, last steamed c1983. Acquired December 1990. 1999-2000 undergoing restoration including replacement of hull with that of a “DAN 3”, a Foden motor powered HLD with teak hull, copper sheathed. Contact Peter Davidson: 01646 682465

376 (HSL)

Owner: The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

Area: UK

Built for Admiralty, used latterly at Portland Dockyard, retired 1973 and acquired for preservation by Maritime Trust. Steamed several years, sank at moorings, acquired for preservation. Ref : Funnel No.6. Under restoration 2000.


Owner: J.P. Dunkley

Area: UK-Midlands

Former Royal Navy 32' pinnace, fitted with a 43/4" + 9" x 5" engine and DTB, appropriated to HMS ORLANDO, later converted motor. Acquired 1986, hull restored and steam plant fitted by owner. First steamed 1992. Engine formerly in WINANDER 1979-1990.


Status: Dismantled - Scrapped

Owner: The Maritime Workshop

Area: UK

Awaiting restoration.