Owner: W. Hickman

Area: USA

New launch built to owners specification to suit 5A. Fitted out and steam plant installed by owner September 1999. First steamed November 1999.

Jacques Deux

Owner: A. Bullman

Area: UK-East Anglia

Old hull, entirely fitted out and steam plant installed by first owner Richard Mitchell. First steamed December 1991. Steamed approx 300 miles during 1992, and 300 miles during 1993. Ref: Funnel 78. Acquired 1995.

James Watt

Owner: F. Meckseper

Area: Germany

Hull acquired 1971, steam plant fitted by owner, first steamed 1974. Ref: Funnel 31.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Chris Shuttleworth

Area: UK-North East

The hull was built in 1908 at Bowness by the Pattinson family whose cousin George set up the Windermere Steamboat Museum.

Jan L

Owner: L. & J. Mietzner

Area: USA

Owner purchased the "bare" fireglass hull, built the engine and boiler, and is completing the hull.


Owner: A. Grimmett

Area: UK-Midlands

Built as motor launch for Admiral Fisher, Portsmouth, 1974 Percy Coles, Hayling Island, 1976 Andy Green, acquired Sept 1983 by David and Barbara Sykes, hull restored and plant fitted. First steamed 1986. Acquired 1998, being refitted after layup for several years. Previously fitted with 1983 built Blackstaffe WTB.


Owner: N. Corner

Area: UK-North West

Built for Admiralty as Pinnace No.236, appropriated to HMS EDGAR, 1893 HMS CRESCENT, 1897 HMS ROYAL ARTHUR, finally HMS POWERFUL, de-commissioned 1912, sold Ireland, converted to motor yacht on Shannon. Acquired by Geoffrey StJohn Dec 1988 shipped back to Gosport, restored by Maritime Workshop. First re-steamed Aug 1992 on R.Severn. Ref: Classic Boat, Oct 1992. Aquired by Neil Corner 2002 for use on Windermere.


Owner: R.E. Mitchell

Area: UK-Solent

Acquired 1994, completely fitted out and steam plant installed by owner Richard Mitchell 1994-5. First steamed 1995, steamed each year since. One of two from Aladdin’s Cave on the Hamble. Sold 2006 and renamed Carol Ann Sold 2008 and renamed Silkie2 Sold 2018 to Holland


Owner: Unknown

Area: UK

New boat built for owner John Quick. Steam plant fitted by owner, 1992. First steamed April 1992. Originally fitted with 1991 Precision Steam VWT No.801. No.6 size. Coal-fired, 175psi. Drum 10" dia x 14" high, 20 x 5/8" O/D x 16 SWG helical tubes, total 91", casing 24" dia x 36" high. Hs 28 sqft, 2.2 sqft grate, 310 lbs/hr output. Aquired by Jim Bailey in 2000. Bought by Robin Ford in October 2003. Canopy to be installed Winter 2004/5 Thought to have been sold around 2007 and steam plant removed - KJS

Jenny Wren

Area: UK-South West

New boat entirely fitted out and steam plant installed by first owner Tony Neave 1989-90. First steamed 1990, with 1990 owner built Bever compound, and Precision Steam Blackstaffe boiler No. 109. Acquired Hugh Harrison, 1999. Used on R.Tamar. Precision Steam VWT boiler No.707. No.5 size, coal fired, 150 psi, 14 sqft hs, 180 lbs/hr. 19" dia x 29" high, and Cyril Taylor 2¼" + 3½" x 2½", built by Hugh Harrison sv, SLRG fitted 1999. This plant to SL Peace in 2001. 2001 acquired by Alec Collyer. 2005 acquired by Brian Beasley. SOLD by Brian Beasley in 2011 to unknown recipient - KJS

Jersey Lily (The)

Owner: B. Rankine

Area: New Zealand

New launch built for C. N. Grummitt, River Thames, acquired Sept 1987. Steamed each year since. (1984 - 98 fitted with boiler now in MYTH OF MALHAM). Formerly owned by GH Pyman, on River Ure, Boroughbridge. Aquired by B Rankine 2004.

John H Amos

Owner: Medway Maritime Museum

Area: UK

New for Tees Conservancy Commissioners. c1968 to Teeside Museums for preservation. Acquired March 1976 renamed HERO for a short period. Now being restored at Chatham Historic Dockyard. Not steamed since 1970’s, full hull restoration awaited.


Owner: R. Cooksley

Area: UK-South West

Completed May 1986 named CENTURION by first owner John Tilley, 1987 to John Woodroofe, 1990 to Nev Boulton & Ralph Pullen, engine rebuilt, new boiler fitted. Acquired May 1999, renamed.

June Zephyr

Owner: U-J. Gauffres

Area: Germany

Old hull restored by John Yannaghas 1983, steam plant installed, originally a small triple expansion engine and different vertical boiler, converted to motor drive for 1988 - 89. 1990 restored to steam with fresh plant. C 1996-7 sold to Chris English, then to A.L.Green. 2002 bought and restored by present owner.


Owner: D. Proudlock

Area: UK-North East

New boat, designed, built and steam plant fitted by owner, completed 1998.


Owner: G. Wall

Area: UK-South West

2000 - laid-up.

Justine Elizabeth

Status: Fettling needed

Owner: David-John Gibbs

Area: UK-Midlands

Commissioned initially by J.M. Carroll and subsequently sold to Hedley Piper. Purchased by David-John Gibbs in 2020