Status: No longer a Steamer - Converted to motor

Owner: Sam Leese

Area: UK-West Midlands

Now a diesel driven boat. Based on Staffs and Worcester canal at Stafford Boat Club , boiler and engine now installed in Little Radnor Steam plant removed and replaced with Lister three cylinder water cooled diesel HRW3 overhauled and fitted by Joe Fuller Engineering Stone Staffordshire


Owner: G. Vaizey

Website: http://homepages.tesco.net/~janine.coomer

Area: UK-East Anglia

New launch, completely fitted out and steam plant fitted by owner 1989 - 1990. First steamed 1990. Steamed regularly since.


Status: Active use

Owner: Bart Smaalders

Area: USA

Rainbow's first incarnation was as a Navy whaleboat, built in 1953. These boats were used to shuttle sailors ashore, from ship to ship mid-ocean, and to effect rescues of Naval airmen forced to ditch their planes. The hull was sold off in the early 1970s, and the diesel engine was replaced with a Semple single cylinder engine making perhaps 5 hp. She was steamed all over the Pacific Northwest by John Campbell, often trailered to interesting areas. Rainbow steamed down the Columbia River Gorge, and steamed from her home port of Orcas Island to the northern tip of Vancouver Island, with her owner camping aboard. She was a fixture at Northwest Steam Society meets. In 2007 she caught fire and was extensively damaged beyond practical repair for a 55 year old hull. Peter Christinson of Shaw Island built a new hull using the bronze castings from the original. Rainbow returned to steaming with a new lease on life. I acquired her when John decided that managing the boat had gotten a bit much in 2017, and we steamed her around the San Juan Islands that year. She has been laid up here on Lopez Island since then; I plan to get here in the water again as soon as I finish my new shop and move my machine tools from California.

Rame Head

Owner: Ministry of Defence

Area: UK

Built as a standard Fort/Park class merchant navy hull, launched 22 November 1944, completed as Royal Canadian Navy Fleet Maintenance Vessel. Now used as a static diving support ship. Pennant No. A134.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Robert Allen & Kara Ascott

Area: UK-South West (trailable)

Bought from Steve Parker (as 'Lorina') 2013 rebuilt by current owners.


Owner: G.H. Pattinson

Area: UK

Built for Furness Railway Co. for cargo handling on the lake. 1927 Vickers Armstrong Ltd; acquired 1956, when derelict; restored, refitted and now on display at the Windermere Steamboat Museum. (Ref: Light Steam Power publication Sept. 1963 and Waterways World June 1979.)


Status: Active use

Owner: R.G. Steeves

Area: USA

Launched May 2005 at Lee's Mills, New Hampshire, USA


Status: Active use

Area: UK-Northern Ireland

New launch, built and fitted out by Clive Mowatt. First steamed 18th April 1998. Project started 1990. Steamed at various SBA events, most recently in England on the River Stour in Kent. Sold to new owner in Northern Ireland in 2022 and now steamed on the River Blackwater and Lough Neagh.

Renfrew Ferry

Owner: Renfrew District Council

Area: UK

Former River Clyde floating bridge, now converted to floating museum by enclosing the central car deck with arched glass roof. Originally named Erskine Ferry. Allowed to go derelict, up for disposal. may well be scrapped.


Owner: Thames Steam & Navigation Co. Ltd (?)

Area: UK

Former passenger trip boat on Broads at Great Yarmouth. 1999 - Lying uncared for on River Stour. Owners not traced. 2004 - now at Pin Mill on the River Orwell, just downstream of the hard. Does not float on the tide. Being converted to houseboat, superstructure and boiler have been removed, the engine is left in situ as a 'centre piece'.


Status: No longer a Steamer - Converted to Electric

Owner: Thames Steam Launch Co. Ltd.

Area: UK-Chiltern

New launch built to owners requirements, first steamed 1990. Steamed approx 100 hours during 1992 and 150 hours during 1993. Steam plant thought to have been removed 2012. One of the engines now fitted to Windsor Belle - KJS


Owner: D. Wilson

Area: Ireland

Designed to comply with the loading gauge of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. New launch built and fitted out by owners David Chadderton & Desmond O'Brien. Hull launched 1998, engine & boiler steamed and test certificate obtained Nov. 2003. Commisioned July 2004. Sold 2007 to Donald Wilson

Rio Colorado

Owner: R.P. Scripps

Area: USA

New boat designed and steam plant fitted by owner in his own engineering works. First launched 1997 with smaller boiler.

River Song

Status: Steaming

Owner: Ian Heppinstall

Area: UK-Midlands

Previously named 'Icthus'. Purchased from original owner in 2016 as a non running project. Machinery layout substantially altered. Engine now drives propeller directly, and a higher capacity VFT boiler is installed in place of the original horizontal type.


Status: Steaming

Area: Sweden


Owner: The Maritime Trust

Website: http://www.ssrobin.com/

Area: UK

Built for Ponsonby & Co., Newport. 1892 acquired by A.F. Blackater, Glasgow; sold to Spain 1900 and renamed MARIA. Acquired by owners 1974 for preservation; restored at Doust’s yard, Rochester, 1977-8. Displayed at St Katherine’s Dock 1980-86. Laid up in West India Dock pending suitable arrangements to exhibit her. Last steamed 1980.

Robin Gordon

Owner: P. Uscinski

Area: Australia

New boat, steam plant installed by owner. First steamed 1997. Ref: Funnel 94.


Owner: D.C. Ayers

Area: UK-Wales

New launch, entirely designed and built by owner. Fitted out and machinery installed 1993-4.


Owner: J.G. Lauder

Area: UK-Thames


Owner: P. Lindsey

Area: UK-East Anglia

Old hull believed to have been fitted with the last Morris Vedette side valve petrol engine. Restored by owners 1994-2000, steam plant to be fitted 2000, hopefully!


Owner: R. Ward

Area: New Zealand

Designed and built for his own use by Alec Baxter a traditional commercial boatbuilder of Whangarei NZ in 1994. Sadly he died before completion and I bought the almost finished hull from the family. She was finished in 1996.


Status: Dismantled - Scrapped

Owner: R.N. Powell

Area: UK-South West

Former motor launch hull owned by B. Allen, Bredon Boatyard. Acquired 1987; restored and GRP sheathed by owner and steam plant fitted 1989. First steamed June 1989. Engine believed built in Australia 1978-84 fitted in DAFFODIL. The rot finally did for the hull Engine sold to Phil McCabe. Boiler dismantled.


Owner: W.H.G. Schlager

Area: USA

Original ‘Rose’ hull from which GRP ‘Rose’ class hulls can still be supplied by Beckman in Rhode Island. Originally fitted with electric motor, later owned by Barry McClung, Victoria who fitted steam plant 1994. Acquired 1997, fresh engine fitted. Approx miles steamed; 1997 - 25; 1998 - 22; 1999 - 53.

Rose O'Dea

Owner: C. Hamilton-Mudge

Area: UK

Ex trawler’s boat fitted as a steamer by J.B. Hickey, Richmond c1950. At first with a single acting 2 cyl engine by Rochester Machine Tool Works, New York. Mid 1950’s to Freddie Field, late 1950’s laid up in garage. Acquired 1997.


Status: Active use

Owner: John Hendry

Area: UK-Scotland


Owner: B.J. Balchin

Area: Australia

New boat built and fitted out by owner.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Peter Stevenson

Area: UK-Midlands

Hull complete with stern gear . decks and comings made by Rupert Latham Steam & Electric Launch Co . Mid 1990,s Boiler supplied be Geof Newton to SBA design and built by Bell Boilers c2000. Fitted out by owner.


Status: Active use

Owner: Harry Baumer

Area: UK-South West

Boat entirely built and fitted out by first owner Jimmy Batty. In the 1975 edition of the ‘SBA Register’ as 12ft STEAMBOAT because name was unknown at that time. Acquired by previous owner 1993 in run down condition. Re-fitted 1993-1994. Again refitted by present owner 2011 to 2013 with condenser, on board water tank and LPG tank in gas tight compartment. Further improvements 2015 to 2019, including new copper boiler.

Ryde Queen

Owner: Island Harbour Marina

Area: UK

New to Southern Railway Co. as RYDE for Portsmouth to Ryde, Isle of Wight, ferry service. Minesweeper during WW2. Withdrawn from service 1970. To present site at Binfield 1972, opened as pub/restaurant, now derelict, some hull restoration done by Paddle Steamer Preservation Society 1991-2.