Kaiserin Zita

Status: Steaming

Owner: Verein fuer Traditionelle Schiffahrt

Area: Austria

Launched in Attersee 1991, named after the last Empress of Austria and apostolic Queen of Hungary, Zita of Bourbon-Parma (1892-1969), "goodmother" her last daughter Elisabeth Habsburg-Liechtenstein. Visits to Lake Konstanz and Lake Starnberg, there Otto von Habsburg,eldest son of Empress Zita with grandchildren on board. On Austrian alpine lakes the use of petrol fuelled engines is not allowed. therefor the steam operated boat was constructed and used for pleasure cruising of 4 owners.


Status: Dismantled - Destroyed by fire

Owner: J. Power

Area: UK-Solent

Built for Capt. R.T. Dixon, Hythe, Hants. As KARIAT, 1901 to E.L.Walker, Christchurch, 1930 to Harold L. Phillips, Shoreham, 1932 to Suter Bros, Shoreham. 1953 found derelict by Maxwell Savage at Itchenor, named SYLVIA, restored with fore & aft cabins and renamed PUFFIN, later owned by SBA members R.C.U. Corbett & A.P. Cazelet. 1959 owned by syndicate including A.W.Smith of Malvern, Worcs. Acquired 1985 by Derrick & Janet Mills, restored to original style, name reverted to original. SSR 96877. Acquired 1997 by Sir Dennis Faulkner (SBA member)" and shipped to Northern Ireland. Acquired 2003 by present owner and moved to Cowes.


Owner: B.B. White

Area: USA

Historic motor launch hull fitted out by previous owner as a steamer in 1940. Acquired 1996. Approx miles steamed; 1997 - 10; 1998 - 25; 1999 - 50


Owner: J. Beauchamp

Area: New Zealand

Built and fully fitted out and steam plant installed by owner. Ref: Funnel 100.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Paul Cummins

Area: UK-South West

Built by first owner D.C. Pridie, bare hull acquired 1989, present steam plant fitted 1990.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Neil Harwin

Area: UK-Midlands

Kathleen Ann

Owner: P.R. Nind

Area: UK-Wales

New launch built and steam plant fitted by owner to his own requirements.


Owner: G.O. Blow

Area: UK-Midlands


Owner: M.J. Menzies

Area: Australia

Kelly Maree

Owner: Stuart Lee

Area: New Zealand


Status: Active use

Owner: North Western Steamship Company

Website: http://www.tugkerne.co.uk

Area: UK-North West

Built 1913 as VIKING. Sold to the Admiralty when new and renamed TERRIER To J.P. Knight, London in 1947 and renamed KERNE. To Straits S.S.Co. Ltd., Liverpool in 1948 and in 1963 to Liverpool Lighterage Co. Acquired for preservation by North Western Steamship Co. Ltd in 1971. Steamed regularly. No 34 in National Historic Ship Collection. Chartered on a long term basis to the Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society who are responsible for the running and maintenance of Kerne


Status: Active use

Owner: Bressingham Steam Ltd

Area: UK-North West

Formerly PUFFA MOUSE Plant installed into new hull by E. Edwards for R. Pollard (UTMYC) as tender to ‘Sea Mouse’ in 1993. Acquired by M Cridford in July 1995. Aquired by Phillip Rumney 2004, renamed PUFFA. Bought by David Eschbaecher 2009 renamed KIM

Kim Lorraine

Owner: C. Bodelot

Area: France

New launch built to first owners specification. Launched May 1988. First steamed 1989. Imported to France March 2002 and restored by the present owner


Owner: Steamboat King Preservation Trust

Area: UK

Restoration progressing.

King Edward

Owner: A.D. Crane

Area: UK-Midlands

Builder’s prototype ‘Celandine’ class hull. First steamed Jan 1993. Originally called ‘Celandine’, owned by Richard Yetton.

King Edward

Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Allan Crane

Area: UK-Wales

Original build 1992. Major work on engine and boiler 2002.


Owner: Eric Armstrong

Area: UK

Old hull, formerly diesel powered and called Asp (All Spare Parts). Boat assembled in three months and launched Easter 2002

Kingswear Castle

Owner: PS Kingswear Castle Trust

Website: http://www.pskc.freeserve.co.uk/

Area: UK-South East

Built for River Dart Steamboat Co. Ran Dartmouth to Totnes; laid up end 1965; acquired for preservation; to Medway 1971, restored ’73 - ’84. Now available for charter. (Contact 01634 827648.) Ref: Classic Boat, Feb 1991. Engine built for first KINGSWEAR CASTLE.



Owner: Wim Effing

Area: Netherlands


Owner: Windermere Steamboat Museum

Area: UK-North

New for W. G. Groves, Windermere, 1929-39 H. L. Groves, 1947-50 Arthur Fildes, c1951 converted motor. 1984 restored to steam by owners who found original engine.


Owner: T.A. Bone

Area: UK-East Anglia

Plant fitted by first owner Peter Lewis to his own spec. Ref: Funnel 17. Jan 1981 to Arthur Gee, Oulton Broad. Acquired 1997.

Knight Heron

Owner: A.N. Gourley

Area: UK-Thames

2005 still bare hull without steam plant.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Terry Mydlowski

Area: UK-North West

Engine and boiler purchased from Geoff Newton 2011.


Owner: R.G.; G. Browne; Atterton

Area: Australia

New launch, plant installed by owners 1983, first steamed 1984.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Nathan Dickey

Area: USA

Krakatua is a 28-foot steam launch built over a period of time and launched in 1985. The vessel was built around an antique compound steam engine by A.G. Munford, Ltd., 1887c. The vessel was named for the volcano that erupted in Indonesia in the same year. The fiberglass hull was built by Eclipse Company in Preston, Maryland by Jonathan T. McClain in 1980. It was then finished by Rich Boatyard in Bass Harbor, Maine in clear ash with quarter saw fir decks and cockpit soul. The deck hardware was custom made by G.D. Smith in Victoria, Australia. She is 28 feet long, 8 feet beam, and 2-½ feet draft. The vessel cruises quite easily at 7-1/4 knots. The steam engine is a compound surface condensing engine built by A.G. Munford, Ltd. in England. The pistons diameters are 2 ½ inches x 5 inches x 4-inch stroke. The engine was completely rebuilt by Peter Freebody and Company in England. For safety the boiler can be fed through three separate independent systems; mechanical pumps driven off the engine, Penberthy injector, and hand operated pressure pump. After the steam is exhausted it passes through an external bronze condenser manufactured by Walter’s Clean-Flow Keel Coolers. The condensent then goes to a hot well where the steam oil is separated out. The feed water is recycled so the makeup tank is only about 25 gallons. The Semple vertical fire tube boiler (FT 80) is completely wood and brass jacketed. It is equipped with tri-coxes and water level sight glass. The design strength is two thousand psi with an operating pressure of 150 pounds psi. The boiler has been fired with coal but could be fired with charcoal, wood, etc. It is also equipped with a blower and a super heating coil. The boiler holds 35 gallons up to the top of the sight glass. The vessel is equipped with a gusher bilge pump and a steam ejector for pumping the bilge. Steering is hydraulic with a wheel mounted on the starboard side.