Owner: J.A. Beveridge

Area: UK-North East

New launch, built to Selway Fisher 21' Indian Runner design, with lines taken from AMARYLLIS. Steam plant fitted 2000.


Status: Active use

Owner: Barry McKay

Area: UK-Scotland

The first of the 'Nell' Class built by Bossom's from a mould created using a derelict launch of unknown origin but early-20th century vintage. In service February 1978 under its original name of 'Nell of Oxford' with an unknown engine replaced late-1978 by the first Stuart Turner 6A. Acquired from Bossom's by John Ransom 1983 and sold to present owner October 2017. Thereafter underwent extensive hull restoration by the Scottish Boat Building School based at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, Ayrshire, with approximately 90% of internal woodwork renewed. All machinery overhauled, modified or converted by Owner. Re-entered service in May 2019. Converted to gas-firing 2022. Subject of 'Practical Boat Owner' issue 1978. Cover photo subject for 'Model Engineer' December 1981


Owner: E.F.A. Heyt

Area: Netherlands

Hull acquired 1979 as a rowing boat with built in buoyancy tanks, fitted out and steam plant installed by owner. First steamed 1992, approx miles steamed 1995 - 35; 1996 - 35; 1997 - 40; 1998 - 25.


Owner: J. Meil

Area: UK

Formerly Admiralty cutter hull, restored and plant fitted by owner. Steamed each year since. (c1968-1970 and 1993 fitted with owner built 31/2" x 3" single). (Previously fitted with a Merryweather ‘B’).


Owner: G.J. Tyler

Area: UK-Wales

Designed to requirements of first owner Peter Turvey, plant installed 1983 - 4. First steamed Aug 1984. Acquired Oct 1989, steamed each year since. Engine previously fitted in two of F.J. Fuller’s boats, each named NETTA.

New Penny

Owner: R. Muller

Area: Australia

New launch, built and fitted out by owner.


Owner: J.W.B. Coulter

Area: Canada

Bare hull acquired 1970, restored and steam plant fitted to high specification by owner. (1970-79 had WTB).

NMRN Steam Pinnace (Steam Pinnace 198/199/224)

Status: Steaming

Owner: National Museum of the Royal Navy


Area: UK-Solent

Recent research indicates that her machinery was originally fitted in pinnaces 209 and 224 and the hull, stern cabin and funnel came from 224. 224 was assigned to HMS Inflexible, a battlecruiser built on the Clyde and was used as the admiral’s barge during Inflexible’s visit to the USA. After that she was Commander in Chief Portsmouth's Barge; Captain / Assistant Captain of the Dockyard's Barge; spare Admiral's Barge for the Grand Fleet. Sold out of the Royal Navy 6 August 1948. Spent some time in Frederick Watts’ boatyard, Forton Lake, Gosport. In 1955 she steamed to the Thames (“Steam Picket Boats and Other Small Steam Craft of the Royal Navy” by N.B.J. Stapleton describes the trip), renamed TRELEAGUE, her steam plant was removed and she had various owners. The bare hull was acquired by the Royal Naval Museum in 1979 for renovation by the Steam Launch Restoration Group in Gosport under the guidance of the late Peter Hollins MBE. An older pinnace boiler and an engine from a similar steam pinnace were obtained from HMS Sultan. The admiral’s barge counter stern was removed. Restored to her former state including machinery and recommissioned in 1984. She was initially misidentified as steam pinnace 198 and then this was changed, incorrectly again, to 199 for over 30 years. In 2012 she commenced a five-year refit and the volunteers were awarded two national prizes: The Institute of Mechanical Engineers Award for Volunteering in the Conservation of Industrial Artefacts and a similar award from National Historic Ships. There was also an award from The Transport Trust. She is still operational and during the summer months can be seen steaming in Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent - exactly as she was doing more than 100 years ago - with the crew in Edwardian Naval Rig. Also viewable year round afloat in Boat House 4, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Out of 786 Steam Pinnaces built for the RN between 1888 and 1928, she is the only remaining steam pinnace/picket boat able to steam.


Owner: C. Grallelis

Area: Australia

Old hull saved from cremation in 1989, restored using all hand tools by owner. Steam plant fitted by owner 1991, new boiler 1999. Named after "old one". (Formerly fitted with Blackstaffe type WTB).


Status: Active use

Owner: W. Hall

Area: UK-Midlands

New boat built and fitted out by owner. For completion in 2000. Engine formerly in GRACE 1986-8, BLOSSOM 1965, RALOO and SEA BEAR.


Owner: A. Des Tombe

Area: New Zealand


Owner: M.R. Rapeau

Area: France

New launch, built, fitted out and steam plant installed by owner. First steamed November 1999.

Nottingham Castle

Owner: J. Purvis

Area: Canada

Purchased in derelict condition ago some years ago by Mr. Jack Purvis of Purvis Marine Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie. Ontario, Canada. He completely restored the vessel, including covering the original hull with steel.


Owner: C.H. French

Area: UK-Chiltern

New to J.H. Salter, Oxford, later Salter Bros, and July 1938 Salter Bros Ltd. 1950 converted to motor drive with Dorman engine. Nov 1971 sold to Jackson Brothers (River Services) Ltd., Westminster, and 1976 to Harbourside Investments Ltd. Acquired 1985, hull fully restored and fresh steam plant fitted by owners. First re-steamed 1997. Available for hire, phone 01753 840909. Engine formerly in Salter’s OXFORD.

NY 7676 EF


Area: USA

A great learning experience over several years. Charlie Roth was my mentor.


Status: Active use - refurbished engine awaiting installation

Owner: John Trevelyan

Area: UK-West Midlands


Status: Steaming

Owner: Andrew Jalics


Area: USA

Inspired by Andrew Jalics's Great Grandfather's steamboat Nyitra that was used in Hungary circa 1910 near Gyor to haul sugar beets to the sugar refinery in Acs. The 1902 Toledo steam engine is an original antique, 115 years old as of this writting.


Owner: H.A. Patton

Area: UK-Northern Island

New launch, designed, built and fitted out by owner.


Status: Laid Up

Former electric canoe hull, acquired derelict 1983, restored, plant fitted by owner, first steamed 6th July 1986. (Previously fitted with owner built 21/4" + 33/4" x 21/2") Currently laid up.