Owner: British Waterways

Area: UK

Lying out of use since at least 1994, still there October 1999.


Status: Steaming

Owner: Museum of the Broads

Website: http://www.museumofthebroads.org.uk

Area: UK-East Anglia

Hull found by Rupert Latham 1974 when derelict, restored 1975-6, plant installed 1977 all by R. Latham. First steamed 1977.Acquired by John Watson & W. Le Neve-Bower 1982. 1988 presented to Museum. (Engine originally built for SS yard No.390, launch for Steam Yacht CECILE). Previously fitted with 1895 Kingdon type VFT. No.D1/2A 145. Riveted shell, 136 x 1.1/8" O/D tubes 14" long, 2 cwt bunker, belt driven FD fan, injector, 4 gall fw tank. Now used as a trip boat at the Museum of the Broads, maintained and crewed by volunteers.

Feeble II

Owner: M. & C. Bowman

Area: USA

This is the "Panatela" design published in Steamboats and Modern Steam Launches

Fergus Anne

Owner: R. Muller

Area: Australia

Fiddler's Green

Status: Active use

Owner: Minns family

Area: UK-South West

Purchased by the Minns family in the spring of 2016. Owned for four years by Roger Hull, a boat-builder in Penarth, who added the beautiful woodwork to Miracle and changed her name to Fiddler's Green. Originally dreamed up by "two mad blind men" (their own words), late October 1983. Hull acquired 1996. Launched, and first trip, Spring 2004. Full account in Funnel 120, "A steam boating miracle."


Status: Steaming

Owner: Dick Penny

Area: UK-North East

Engine, boiler and fitting out done entirely by owner. Started in 2003 with engine, then boiler. GRP hull moulded 2006. Probably the last hull of this type made by Cygnus Marine before they closed down. Completed 2013, launched May 2014.

Fire Queen

Status: Steaming

Owner: Rob Holden

Area: UK-Solent

Fire Queen is one of the first batch of six mouldings of the 'Sylvie' affordable hull. Fore and aft decks, gunwhales and front & rear seats were installed by Roger Hall at Penarth. Previous owners completed the fit out and installed the machinery in 2015. First sailing River Tees August 2016.

Fire Tiger

Status: Under Construction

Owner: Ken Elliott

Area: UK-Scotland

Designed by Ken Elliott and currently under construction. Completion date a moving target, but at least a year away!


Status: Steaming

Owner: Dan McFarlane

Area: UK-East Anglia

Built at Hampton c 1904 allegedly by Burgoine. Hull rebuilt in 1954 by Eric Jordan and Peter Freebody at Woottens Boatyard, Cookham for J. B. Hickey, Richmond, who also owned Pierrette, Elfin and Rose ODea, and machinery re-fitted, with many original fittings and woodwork. She was re-planked in Teak (Prev. a 'pine')

1954 to 1971 J.B.Hickey (re-named COOKHAM DEAN)

1971 to 1973 John Churchill (re-named STROMBOLI)

1973 to 1979 Jonathan Minns (Wheel steering fitted)

1979 to 1991 The Hon W. H. McAlpine.(Folding screens added, reverted to her original name)

1991 to 2017 Robert and Tina Baker. (ref. Old Glory, March 1995)

Winner at various Thames Trad. Rallies of Thames Heritage Cup,Horsham Cleat and Reade Propeller trophies.
Dates are flakey - Anyone who can help with Firebirds' history, please get in touch.


Owner: V. & P. Egloff

Area: UK

New boat built for first owner, E. G. Beales on Norfolk Broads, first steamed 25 Sept 1982. 1984-6 owned John Church, River Thames, then Bob Middleton on Bridgewater Canal. Acquired Nov 1999 by Alan Whitehead and June 2001 by present owner.


Status: Steaming

Owner: David Hurley

Area: UK-East Anglia

Completely designed, built and fitted out by David Garrick in time for SBA Midlands Regatta in June 1973. David Garrick travelled the boat extensively during the first 5 years after construction and covered many hundreds of miles by both road and water. In 1976 Firecrest undertook a sponsored cruise down the river Thames in aid of the RNLI. The boat was slipped in at Lechlade and took 10 days to cover the 123 miles down to Teddington lock with stops for fundraising and overnighting. It was reported that just over £300 was raised as a result. At some point during 1978, we believe Firecrest hit something solid with her starboard paddle wheel whilst underway, resulting in a twisted crankshaft. Whilst details are sketchy, it seems that she was laid up pending repair but was sold after a couple of years of standing outdoors. Purchased by a Mr J Bacon from the south coast area (date unknown), she was placed into covered storage for an estimated 40 years. The boat was completely untouched during this time with the builders personal effects remaining in the cabin. The boat was advertised for sale by Preston Services of Kent in the December of 2019 and was in a dilapidated state, still requiring the repairs from over 40 years prior. The current owner purchased the boat in the January of 2020 and has taken a year to complete the restoration and repair works.


Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: John Trevelyan

Area: UK-South West

Originally fitted out 1994 by David Ayers and called Rockabill. Hull bought without engine or boiler by Bob Shearer in December 2001 and renamed Firedance. Hull refitted but sold still without engine or boiler to John Trevelyan in February 2016.


Owner: G.A.Z. Zanoletti

Area: Italy

Entirely built and fitted out by first owner, first steamed August 1983, later owned by David Taylor. Acquired 1998, major refit 1999 at Henwood & Dean, Hambledon. To go to Italy 2000.


Owner: S. Clogston

Area: USA

New launch, built, fitted out and steam plant installed by owner 1981-3, first steamed June 1983. Originally fitted with Sam Clogston built (1960-80) 2" x 3" single with slip ecc and spiral sleeve reversing gear on 3 turned columns, and Sam Clogston built (1970-80) Bolsover type WT boiler. Propane fired, 100 psi, 10 sqft hs, 1 sqft pancake coil fwh in smokebox.


Owner: Unknown

Area: UK


Status: Active use

Owner: Mike Potts

Area: UK-South West

Previously owned by Malcolm Skevington of Leighton Buzzard


Owner: Summerlee Heritage Trust

Area: UK

Former motor dinghy named NIFI, converted to steam 1972-3 by Machin, Knight & Sons, Rochester, for John Ransom, acquired 1989. Now at Summerlee Museum.


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: Summerlee Museum

Website: http://www.CultureNL.co.uk

Area: UK-Scotland

Acquired by Summerlee Museum, from John Ransom in 1989. At present undergoing overhaul including fitting a new boiler .


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Martin Clark

Area: Australia


Owner: B. & D. Sykes

Area: UK


Owner: K.J. Williams

Area: UK

Plant installed by owner 1976, transferred from his previous launch SALAMANDER. First steamed SBA Thames Cruise 1976. Laid up since 1979.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Ewart Baldwin

2017 under construction. Amended 8 Oct 2017 KJS


Owner: G.W. Higgs

Area: Canada

Second hand hull acquired 1992 and converted to steam. Present steam plant fitted 1996 and boat named FLIRT in honour of the original boat in which the engine was fitted in 1894. (Formerly in Simpson Strickland yard No.376 FLIRT, for Capt C.W. Busk).


Owner: R.S. Hamlett

Area: New Zealand

With trade from logging and silver mining in and around Kootenay Lake blossoming, Charles W Busk on 30th June 1894 ordered the boat to be christened FLIRT from the English firm Simpson, Strickland Company Ltd. based in Dartmouth, South Devon. Once on Kootenay Lake, Flirt was commissioned into service with the Balfour Steam Navigation Company and mostly plied for business up and down the east shore between Pilot Bay and Sanca. Here Flirt served as a Royal Mail delivery boat to the mills and mines in and around the lake as well as towing small scows of firewood and log booms in addition to undertaking prospecting, surveying and hunting trips. Construction of the rebuilt Flirt commenced in 2008 and was 'finished' in 2010 She was re-launched on 5th March 2011 on Lake Rotoiti at St Arnaud in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

Floreat Vapor

Owner: Don Brighton

Area: UK

Hull appears to be a moulding from a rowing skiff, fitted out and plant fitted by owner 1977-8, first steamed 1978. Steamed each year since.


Owner: A. Van Luenen

Area: USA

New launch built and steam plant fitted by owner. FLYER appeared in the motion picture "Maverick".

Flying Buzzard

Owner: Friends of Maryport Steamship Museum

Area: UK

New to Clyde Shipping Co., Glasgow as FLYING BUZZARD. 1963 to Dundee Harbour Trust as HARECRAIG II. 1983 to Treloar Bros for preservation. Steamed Newcastle to Maryport 1985. 1986 taken over by Maryport Town Council, name reverted to original. 1996 ownership passed to present Registered Charity.

Flying Fox

Owner: D.L. Higgins

Area: UK-Midlands

Built as motor passenger launch for River Dee. Registered ON 137092. Later at Bath, 1929 to T.W. Hitchins, Bristol, 1945 George Head, Keynsham, 1958 S.J. Groves, Evesham, all used for tripping. Acquired in very derelict condition 1974, fully restored and steam plant fitted by owner during 18 year project.


Owner: A.C. Webster

Area: UK

Former yacht’s tender, acquired 1992 and converted to steam 1992-3. First steamed June 1993.

Frances Ann

Owner: Dr K & Dr P Cuthbert

Area: UK-Wales

Hull ordered from Beckmann Boatshop in 2008. Shipped from the USA on a road trailer to Southampton. Fitted out design and completion 2009 - 2013. Boiler and engine fitted then moved to Coniston for steam plant fit out. Design and implementation of steam plant by Greg Simpson 2014. Returned to Cheshire for re-fit 2016. Re-fit nearly completed 2020. Moved to Greg Simpson's boatyard due to downsize to Wales taking away garage storage space. Caring responsibilities mean that it is no longer possible to nip up to the Lakes to complete the boat. Now sold and understood to have been dismantled.


Owner: Jørgen Hansen

Area: Denmark

The basis hull was an almost wrecked GRP duck hunting boat of unknown vintage and moulding. To make it more sea worthy – and handsome - the free board was extended with two planks - one GRP - one wood. The old hull was acquired in the summer 2003 and the – almost finnished - Frøya was launched in September 2007.


Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Steamship Freshspring Trust

Website: http://www.ssfreshspring.co.uk

Area: UK-South West

New as fleet water carrier, launched 1946, completed 1947 and worked out of Malta until 1967. Upon returning to the UK she worked on the Clyde and Pembroke dock until she was put in reserve in Greenock 1976. Acquired late 1979 by Oswald Burgess when withdrawn from service and towed to Bristol. Ownership transferred to charitable trust, Steamship Freshspring Society 2014 Ref: Ships Monthly Nov 1987, and Funnel 51. Last steamed 1990. Following funding from the National Heritage Memorial Fund in 2016, she was taken to Sharpness drydock for remedial works and painting of the hull prior to being relocated in Bideford, North Devon. Since arriving in Bideford, the wheelhouse has been refurbished and the ship is regularly open to the public through the summer months as a static exhibit.

Fulton's Folly

Owner: Thomas Hillenbrand

Area: Germany

The boiler, engine and paddlewheels were build by Tony Hubner, Victoria Island in British Columbia. I bought the whole steamplant in 2009, it was sended by ship to Germany. In the following years a suitable casco was searched - i found a good canadian styled hull in northern Germany in August 2014. Dimensions of Steam plant and casco were well matched, this hull was a foundation, to build an paddle steamboat. After Hull was completely overhauled, the steam plant was installed. Of course some alterings of hull and engine were necessary. The boiler was converted from wood to gas firing, this was more efficient and also got a better regulation. The boat´s name is "Fulton´s Folly" after Robert Fulton, the inventor of steamboating. First run was in August 8th. in 2016 on river Naab, a tributary of the Danube in Bavaria. Since this time many nice rides were made. Steamplant is suitable and not difficult to regulate. Speed reaches 10 km/h with a pressure of 8 bar.


Owner: P. Creola

Area: Switzerland

New boat, fitted out by owner, first steamed March 1987. Steamed approx 800 miles each year 1995-1999. Engine part built by owner with modifications by Werner Steiner.


Owner: F. de Labije

Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~meijersf/funnel.htm

Area: Netherlands

New launch built and fitted out by owner. To be completed 2000.