Owner: G. Fickau

Area: USA

Originally owned by Joe Calvery of Canada. Found in a corn field full of water and missing rudder/water injector. Purchased and placed in storage until last child graduates (3 more years). Through networking found builder of hull in Florida, boat may have last run in 1994. Boiler cleaned and hydostatic test was done.... would like to get it cetrified but that is not so easy. Engine was reworked and run on air, temporaily painted to persrve.


Owner: C. Black

Area: USA

Former Royal Navy launch No. 54169, found derelict, restored and steam plant fitted by owner 1980, first steamed Jan 1981 in South Africa, later removed to England, then USA, named DIANA. 1990’s re-named. 2000 waiting re-fit after some years of lay-up.


Owner: Swansea City Council

Area: UK

New to Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd., served at Liverpool and Swansea. Withdrawn 1975, acquired for preservation and now on display at the Swansea Maritime and Industrial Museum. Open to public summer months only, 01792 470371.


Owner: Chris & Cherryl Thomas

Area: UK-East Anglia

Fitted out and steam plant installed by builders for Richard Morgan, Norfolk Broads. First steamed 6 June 1982. Acquired 1984 and shipped to South Africa. Ref. Funnel 33. Returned to UK July 2007. Used mainly on Kingsbridge & Salcombe estuary, Devon, up until December 2018. Fully trailer-able but usually steamed throughout the Norfolk Broads. Sold to present owners Dec 2018


Owner: P.A. Damiral

Area: France

New launch fitted out and steam plant fitted by owner. Ref: Funnels 97 and 98.

Captain Bell

Owner: D. Bell


Area: USA

Acquired 1987. Formerly called SLOW BELL

Cardinal Queen

Owner: John Pignatelli


Area: Canada

First Steam project, Purchased drawings online; built engine with success then found a boiler and rebuilt it. Then stumbled across an old plywood hull, stripped it down put on the decking and redid the interior. Launched July 1st 2012. Used as often as possible at the cottage sailing around the lake.

Carol Ann

Owner: V. Ware

Area: UK-Solent

Acquired 1994, completely fitted out and steam plant installed by owner Richard Mitchell 1994-5. Originally known as JASTELLE. First steamed 1995, steamed each year since. One of two from Aladdin’s Cave on the Hamble. Aquired 2006 by Victor Ware and renamed CAROL ANN. Sold 2008 and renamed Silkie2 Sold 2018 to Holland


Owner: Scottish Maritime Museum

Area: UK

Designed by builders, retained by Scott family until at least 1957. Acquired by Ken Gray 1970 from J.Manning when lying derelict on River Leven. Hull replated, restored and refitted, kept on Southampton Water. 1981 to M. Varvill. Acquired by Museum August 1993 and steamed back to Scotland.


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: Mark Herrod

Area: UK-North West

Hull built as prototype for ‘Elegance’ range, subsequent hulls have more beam. Acquired late 1978, plant fitted 1981 by T Macan and R. Mallinson. First steamed May 1981 on Windermere. Laid up 1992. Sold 2021.


Owner: A. Rynhart

Area: Ireland

New boat built and fitted out for John Shead. Steam plant fitted 1991, first steamed August 1991. Steamed each year since. 2004 aquired by Alan Rynhart of Athlone.


Owner: Frances Overall

Area: UK-East Anglia

New launch completely fitted out by Machin, Knight & Sons Ltd., first owner N. P. Knight, 1986 acquired by Patrick J. Kelly, Bradford; November 1988 to Everett Leeds. Acquired by Hugh Mothersole 1996. Acquired by Frances Overall 2017


Owner: J. Lucketti

Area: UK

New launch fitted out and steam plant installed by first owner Frank Higson, 1992-3. Acquired 1995.


Owner: J.S. & A. Thompson

Area: USA

Based on designs of 1905-10. Steamed 200 hours in 3 years


Status: Superseded

Owner: H.R. Mothersole

Area: UK-East Anglia

Originally a petrol engine canoe with Kitchen Rudder. Acquired by Oliver Cock 1976 and plant fitted. First steamed 1980. Steamed each year. Acquired May 1993, W. Zeuner. Acquired 1997, complete rebuild and fresh steam plant fitted. (Engine formerly fitted in SUNBEAM 1988-1998 and MINETTE 1960’s - 1983). Under restoration 2004. Engine is now planned to be a triple expansion 2½" + 3½" + 5" x 3" from an original design by Gordon Cheapen acquired by Hugh Mothersole and the prototype completed by Sam Wilkinson.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Mike & Liz Bell

Area: UK-South West

Previous Owner: H.R. Mothersole. (SBA member) Area: Suffolk Stour (UK). HULL Canoe Built 1921 by Hobbs & Son at Henley-on-Thames. Fit-out by Harry Chapman. LOA: 29' 6", Beam: 4' 6", Draft: 2' 6". Double-skin mahogany Canoe bow and stern,varnished canvas canopy with side curtains, 8 seats, wheel steering. ENGINE Compound, 2½" + 5" x 4". Built c1890 by A.G. Mumford Ltd. at Colchester. Valve(s): sv, Gear: SLRG. On 4 turned columns. Due to be fitted 2000. BOILER Locomotive type. Built 1999 by Franklin & Bell at Gloucester. Side fired. Due to be fitted 2000. PROP 3 blades, 16" x 30". HISTORY Originally a petrol engine canoe with Kitchen Rudder. Acquired by Oliver Cock 1976 and plant fitted. First steamed 1980. Steamed each year. Acquired May 1993, W. Zeuner. Acquired 1997, complete rebuild and fresh steam plant fitted. with a 6a and a Antony Bever Copper water tube boiler(Engine formerly fitted in SUNBEAM 1988-1998 and MINETTE 1960's - 1983). Under restoration from 2004 to 2017. Engine is now planned to be a triple expansion 2½" + 3½" + 5" x 3" from an original design by Gordon Cheapen acquired by Hugh Mothersole and the prototype completed by Sam Wilkinson. December 2017 Mike Bell acquired refurbished Hull (2005), new boiler,(2000) New engine (2004) and new trailer (2005)to fit out


Owner: R. Yetton

Area: UK-East Anglia


Owner: R. Jardin

Area: UK-South East

New launch completely fitted out by Machin, Knight & Sons Ltd. For first owner Eric Groom, named POMPEII. Acquired and renamed by Roger Nash 1988. Aquired by Robbie Jardin 2004.


Owner: R.; B. Pullen; Pullen

Area: UK-South West


Owner: M. Proud

Area: UK-North East

New launch completely fitted out by owner


Owner: M. List-Brain

Area: UK-South East

Built for Ministry of War Transport and named EMPIRE RAYMOND. Acquired by W. Watkins & Co., London 1947 and renamed. 1971 acquired for preservation, July 1985 on loan to East Kent MaritimeTrust, now open to public. Last steamed c1981.

Chako VI

Owner: R.J. Oldershaw

Area: UK-East Anglia

Originally fitted with a Stuart Turner petrol engine. Fitted out as a steamer in 1987 by previous owner Martin Clarke when named WHISPER. Acquired by owner 1993 and fresh engine fitted 1994. Approx miles steamed, 1993 - 72; 1994 - 204; 1995 - 110; 1996 - 150; 1997 - 83;1998 - 95.


Owner: The Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust

Area: UK

Built for Elliott Steam Tug Co. Ltd., spent all working life on River Thames, retired June 1972, acquired Taylor Woodrow Ltd. for preservation. Acquired present owners 6 July 1993 for a nominal £1. Now restored to steamable condition.


Status: Active use

Owner: Kim Truong

Area: France

Launch and steam engine built by John Tilley, first steamed May 1988. Steamed 500 miles each year since. Owner change in 2015, move to France, according to the French sea boat registration in Brest.


Owner: B. Knell

Area: Switzerland

Originally on River Thames, England, purchased by Escher Wyss 1895 from a French owner named CHARLOTTE, later owned by their chief engineer W. Reitz. Owned M. Knell 1934-73. Ref: Funnel 17. Steamed regularly. Oldest original steam vessel still in operation in Switzerland.


Owner: Olivier BLEVANUS


Area: France

Charlotte Ann

Owner: E.A. Russell

Area: USA

Designed and built by Jim Webster and first owner Dave Conroy. Original name NOLA. Purchased from original owners in 1993.

Charlotte Dundas

Owner: Falkirk District Council

Area: UK

Three quarter size replica. Now on display at New Port Downie - The Falkirk Wheel. Falkirk museums are still hoping to get fully working


Owner: C.T. Green

Area: UK-Solent

New launch built and fitted out to owner’s requirements. First steamed Sept 1994. Approx miles steamed 1994 - 5; 1995 - 200; 1996 - 250; 1997 - 175; 1998 - 150.


Status: Steaming

Owner: John Dooler

Area: Canada

Built by Tony Gunton 2015 onwards - The installation of the new boiler and engine were completed August 2020 and the boiler issued with a test certificate. The refitting took some five years. Sold to John Dooler 2020


Owner: A.D. Dunlap

Area: USA

Designed and entirely built by owner, for completion 2000. Name is Taiwanese for "Child of Honor" or "Child of Honorable One".


Owner: Unknown

Area: UK

Built new to owners requirements, fitted out by builders, plant fitted by owner, first steamed 1983. Steamed each year since. (1983-6 fitted with owner built 5A now in BITTERLING). (Boiler Ref: S.B.& M.S.L. Nov/Dec 1963 and Funnel 101)


Area: UK

Launched 24th April 2007 at Sawley Marina. Sold to new owner Autumn 2013

Chester D.

Status: Active use

Owner: Sold to Jesse Thompson

Area: USA


Owner: J.E. Winn

Area: UK-Thames

New boat built and fitted out to owner’s requirements, steam plant fitted and first steamed 1996. Approx miles steamed 1997 - 80; 1998 - 120.

Chimera II

Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Peter Lee

Area: UK

Built in 2005 by John Winn, the boat was later owned by Mark Rudall before being purchased in November 2017 by the current owner.

Choof N Puff

Status: Active use

Owner: Don Parker

Area: Australia

Bought fiberglass hull in 1998 fitted out and launched December 1999 used regularly for outings on Port Hacking , fishing off shore .Has been to Hobart for their wooden boat festival . Steamed on the Murray & Darling rivers and most of the Coastal rivers in NSW.


Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: David Shortell

Area: UK Worcestershire

Design and fitted out by first owner T.M. Kiernan as KATU. First steamed 15 July 1985. c1990, to David Warburton, Preston, later owned Wilf Johns, Pembroke, re-named but not steamed. Acquired by Malcolm Ross in Oct 1988 and reconditioned.


Owner: D. Horton

Area: UK

New boat fitted out and plant installed by first owner Tom Harvey, named MAGIC DRAGON, first steamed June 1987. Acquired 1989, renamed, false clipper bow removed. Laid up 1998-99.


Owner: G.S. StJohn

Area: UK-Wales

Former yachts launch, owned H.E. Cohen 1950’s, 1965 G.Hargreaves, 1980 J. Minns. Acquired 1985, hull rebuilt and new saloon added by P. Freebody & Co., Hurley 1986. (1950’s - 1986 fitted with a Lune Valley WTB number 667).


Owner: Stephen Boyd

Area: UK-Scotland

Built by first owner for Lake Windermere, named THE BETSY then STARBANK. Acquired 1985 and renamed Cinders. Sailed on most Scottish accessible F.W. Lochs


Status: Steaming

Owner: Rob Van Es

Area: UK-South West

Hull auctioned from Devonport Dockyard as Clinker Launch 10 (C.L.10). Used as rowed foot passenger ferry at Newton Ferrers. Bought as derelict 1999 for conversion to steam.


Status: Active use

Owner: David Reynolds

Area: UK-South West (trailable)

New launch, fitted out by original owner at West Kirby, first steamed 1992. Sold to Jon Whyte October 2018 following 14 years laid-up. (From 2008 owned by David Neale, London SE26). Full rebuild including addition of Propane system for starting and warm up of vaporising paraffin burner. Bought by the current owner in July 2019.


Status: Active use

Owner: Mr & Mrs Chris & Tsitsi Adamson

Area: UK-North

Former Admiralty 23' cutter hull, 1960’s Broads motor hire boat, restored to steam and saloon fitted 1980 by C. Fairbrother with compound engine and Goodhand VFT boiler. Acquired 1984, removed to Windermere, fresh plant fitted by owner 1988. Steamed all year round since 1984. (Formerly fitted with DesVignes twin ex YVETTE).


Owner: B.W. Moretti

Area: UK-Chiltern

New launch, fitted out by owner, first steamed 1984.


Owner: Inverclyde District Council

Area: UK

Built as a replica of Henry Bell’s COMET of 1812. Launched 1962; now on display ashore at Port Glasgow Town Centre.


Owner: P.A. Wright

Area: UK-North East

To be launched 2006


Owner: The Consuta Trust


Area: UK-Thames

First launch built to Saunders new patented plywood construction technique (patent 222), using veneers stiched together with copper wire because there were no suitable waterproof glues at that time. The system became known as 'Consuta Plywood' named after the experimental launch that first used it and went on to be used with great success over the next 50 years on water, land and in the air. Consuta was built for H.S. Clutton, Cleeve Mill, Goring. Used as an Umpire’s launch until for many years up to the 1960's, including in 1949 providing television coverage of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, the very first live outside broadcast. Various owners until 1974 acquired by Graham Lindsay, restoration proceeded slowly until 1999 when Trust formed to complete to steaming condition in 2000. Trust contact:- Brian Smith 01488 658795.


Owner: L. Williamson

Area: UK-West Midlands

Built as a steam boat, machinery fitted by first owner C. F. Parsons, then named MAISIE, later owned by Jack Churchill named CANNONBALL. Acquired 1986 refitted and renamed. Laid up 1996, refitted and fresh steam plant fitted 2000. (Formerly fitted with C.F. Parsons 1979 built compound, removed 1996). Aquired Len Williamson 2003.

Corra Linn

Status: Under Construction

Owner: Daniel Jančík

Area: Europe

The hull and most of the boiler was made by Mr. John Macmillan in Lanark as a replica of Nathaniel Hereshoff's launch Maud. John intented to fit it with a bronze single cyl. engine. I (the current owner) started my steamboat project parallel with John without knowing so and in an opposite order (engine - boiler - hull). Just after finishng my engine I run into John's add selling Corra Linn. (Unfortunatelly I only got to speak with John once...) After bringing her from Scotland to Czech republic (cca 2200km) I started works to finish the boiler (rolling in all the tubes...) Now Corra Linn is in my garden and I am working on her to be put on the river Moldau soon hopefully.

Cow Island Belle

Owner: L. Schoonover

Area: USA


Owner: M.C. Brunner

Area: Switzerland

Steam plant first fitted by Rupert Latham, on Broads, named BUBBLY JANE, 1974 to Hugh Cawdron, Thames, various further owners, renamed CURLEW, sold to Switzerland during 1990’s, owner fitted fresh engine.

Cutty Wren

Status: Active use

Owner: Ian Ridley and David Avery

Area: UK-Thames

1973-75 engine fitted in GREAT WESTERN Hull fitted out and plant installed by first owner Glynne Jones 1979 and used on Brecon & Abergavenny Canal as DWR BERWI. Later owned by Don Merrett, Tewkesbury and Wilf Johns, Pembroke and re-named. Acquired 1999 by Bill Patterson for use on Aire & Calder Navigation. Acquired 2005 by John Barber. Acquired 2008 by Felicity Palmer and David Avery Used extensively at SBA Events and on the Thames. Laid up 2010 due boiler problem during Rally on Lough Erne. Now under shared ownership 2021 Ian Ridley and David Avery


Status: Future Museum Exhibit

Owner: Tamesis Trust


Area: UK-Thames

Early Thornycroft steam river launch, stored in roof of Thornycroft Boatyard, Hampton 1920-1968, then acquired by Michael Turk. Displayed on loan to National Motor Boat Museum, Wat Tyler Park, Basildon until 2009. Subsequently sold at auction, purchased for safe keeping and for future Museum display for the benefit of the public.