Walhalla Star

Owner: M. Leaney

Area: Australia

Walkin' Belle

Status: Steaming

Owner: Howard Bentham

Area: UK-North West

Built for first owner, Robert Wallace, to his own design. Construction by David King. Ownership passed to second owner, Howard Bentham, in 2007.


Status: Undergoing restoration

Owner: Frank Elast

Area: Netherlands


Status: Undergoing renovation

Owner: Trevor Baraclough

Area: UK-West Midlands

Formerly known as Jabberwocky - purchased by Trevor Barraclough late 2023


Owner: National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Area: UK

Built for sculptor Thomas Thornycroft (father of builder). Helped set Victorian fashion for pleasure steamboating. Original plant removed when converted to motor 1919. Reconditioned by apprentices at Vosper-Thornycroft Ltd, Paulsgrove 1976-8, half of hull plates renewed with steel. Plant fitted 1978. Remained in Ownership of Thornycroft family until presented to the National Maritime Museum in 1990’s. 1996 put in store. 2002 on display at National Maritime Museum Cornwall.


Owner: David Street

Area: UK-Thames


Owner: Waverley Steam Navigation Co.

Website: http://www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk

Area: UK

Named after Sir Walter Scott’s first novel, Paddle Steamer Waverley was built on the Clyde in 1947 – to replace the original Waverley that sunk off Dunkirk during active war service in 1940. Waverley was originally intended to sail only between Craigendoran & Arrochar in West Scotland. She now sails right round Britain offering regular trips on the Clyde, the Thames, South Coast of England and the Bristol Channel with calls at Liverpool & Llandudno. Waverley is the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer. In 1975, at the end of her working life, she was famously bought for £1 by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society. Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd, a charity registered in Scotland, was set up to operate the ship. Waverley then began a second career as one of the country’s best-loved tourist attractions. Since she has been in operational preservation she has been awarded four stars by Visit Scotland, an engineering heritage award, and has carried over 5 million passengers from over 60 ports around the UK. 2003 saw the completion of a major restoration project, which returned Waverley to the original 1940s style in which she was built. This was made possible with major grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the PSPS. Contributions also came from Glasgow City Council, Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, the European Regional Development Fund and local authorities. In 1812, when Henry Bell’s paddle steamer Comet became the world’s first commercial steamship to operate in coastal waters, a tradition was started which remains alive today only in the form of the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer, Waverley. From the 1860’s onward, paddle steamers developed an important niche in the coastal passenger and excursion trade. Large fleets served the cities, towns, villages and resorts of the Firth of Clyde, the Bristol Channel, the South Coast of England, London and the Thames Estuary. Paddle Steamers also made a significant contribution to the war effort as minesweepers in both World Wars, and indeed Waverley is named after the previous Waverley who performed a heroic role at Dunkirk in May 1940 before being sunk by enemy action. With a few exceptions, the Clyde steamers were owned and operated by railway companies. These were largely commuter ferries linking all the villages with the nearest railhead for onward travel. Each year Waverley sails in the Western Isles, Clyde, Bristol Channel, South Coast and the Thames. For more information or to book a trip visit www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk or call 0141 221 8152

Wayward Belle

Owner: Wesley Harcourt

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/bilgerat671/videos

Area: USA

Designed and built by William Charles Grosjean of Poway, California over a period of 30+years. First launched in 1988. In continued refinement until health forced sale to current owner Wesley Harcourt of South Lake Tahoe, California in 2005. Flank speed confirmed via GPS with one aboard is 8 knots. Cruising speed of 6.5 knots with approx. 1/gal/hr fuel consumption. Seen on Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" television show winning the race between the show's "Steam Up Sucker" project steam launch and the other steamboats of the 2005 B&W steamboat rally in Isleton, California.


Owner: C.H. Wear

Area: Australia

New boat entirely designed and machinery installed by owners. First steamed 15 May 1982. 2000 undergoing first major refit since new. Engine formerly in H.M.A.S. SYDNEY’s pinnace.


Owner: A. Potter

Area: UK-North

Former petrol engined launch on Norfolk Broads. Converted to steam 1999. Boiler formerly in London Waterbus MERLIN.

Wee Kate

Status: Superseded

Owner: B. & D. Sykes

Area: UK

All being re-fitted 2000

Wee Kate

Status: Undergoing restoration - Boiler Scrapped

Owner: Mick Horsfall

Area: UK-Thames

Whatcom Princess

Owner: W.H.G. Schlager

Area: USA

Former Coast and Geodetic Survey Vessel lifeboat, prop shaft added and converted to steam by Russ Hibbler, named LETHA. First steamed 1976. Acquired 1994, fresh engine fitted, renamed. Approx miles steamed; 1997 - 55; 1998 - 30; 1999 - 48. Engine formerly in James Warjone’s TINKERS DREAM.


Status: Laid Up - resting

Owner: Josh Travis

Area: UK

John and Claire Houghton built the hull and cabinet fittings at their house in Burnham. This was a labour of love by a man who was passionate about his construction, good enough would not do for John. John passed away before he could see his Whimsy completed. Whimsy was taken to North Wales to complete the hull fittings and instal the machinery. Another example of the expertise of Glyn Lancaster Jones who appreciated the high standards that John wanted. Whimsy to remain with the family at locations in Devon and Derbyshire.


Status: Laid Up

Owner: Edward Thring

Area: UK-South West

Bought as nearly naked hull in 1992 . Launched 2012 . Cushions added 2013 . Removable canopy and side curtains added 2015


Owner: Melanie Fone and John Snook

Area: UK-South East

Built to spec of first owner, Ian McAlpine, named RENA, first steamed 1985 on River Forth. Acquired 1991 by John Lawson, 1991-92. Renamed 1991. Acquired 1998, new boiler and canopy fitted 1999.


Status: Active use

Owner: Robert Dossor

Area: UK-East Anglia

Originally named Margaret Morrison Sailed by first owner N Alexander on Loch Ness. Later owned by Malcolm & Gwyneth Yeomans. Recently owned by Colin & Nicky Rudall. Purchased 2016 by Duncan and Gill Selby. Temporarily converted to electric whilst engine and boiler repaired by owner following inspection failure. Boat renamed 'Whisper' 2019 and re-fitted with steam 2020. Boat sold 2020 to current owner, operated mostly on Norfolk Broads.


Owner: M. Standl

Area: Germany

Built for first owner Eqil Paulson, Oslo, shipped to Singapore, named WHISPER. First steamed 1986. Acquired Oct 1992 and transported to Germany. Fully restored 1993-4 and renamed. Much brass gold plated, new higher aluminium funnel with tight rain cap. For model enthusiasts an exact 5:1 scale GRP hull is available.

Whistle down the wind

Status: Active use

Owner: Geoff Laycock

Area: UK-North West


Owner: John & Joanie Arnold

Area: USA


Owner: David and Marjorie Thorpe

Area: USA

Started construction in 1999 with initial launch in September 2002 without seating or canopy. Original engine was a much-modified Crescent compound built by the owner. Seating was added in 2003 and a canopy in 2005. The owner-built York compound engine replaced the original engine in 2009.

Wide Awake

Status: Steaming

Owner: Brian Davies

Area: UK-Wales

Built by Ken Wickham, mainly to ‘Wide-A-Wake’ plans published in Model Boats magazine in 1972. Launched on Windermere in 2001. Acquired by Peter McDonald and moved to Gloucester, where the original engine was replaced by a Stuart 6A, and an auxiliary Lynch electric motor was added. Bought by present owner in 2014. Hull refurbished by Steve ‘The Boat Chippy’ at Penarth, and machinery overhauled and ‘Guy’ engine fitted by Penybryn Engineering at Ystrad Mynach in 2015. Steamed in Cardiff Bay in 2016, and re-boilered in 2017.


Status: Superseded

Owner: A.M. Berry

Area: UK-Solent

Built 1978, named Morven. New plant in 1979, renamed Wilbee. New plant in 2000, renamed Spitfire


Owner: Frank Kitching

Area: UK-North East

Former Broads launch and work boat,Tug for Wherry Alma and Icebreaker! owned by J.Hobrough, Norwich.(Known by the owners as "The American Boat") Known to have been derelict in 1970, plant fitted by previous owner during 1970’s. Nov. 1982 to Jonathan Wade. Acquired March 2000, being refitted. Dendrocronologist has confirmed the Planking to be Cedar, and the Ribs, American White Oak (Not imported to the U.K. until 1910) The Boat came with an extensive photographic history compiled by previous owners. Current Owner circa 2006. frankkitching@btinternet.com


Owner: Paul Smith

Area: UK-Thames

New launch designed and built in the Des Vignes style by owner to suit the historic engine. Traditional three cockpit design with forward seating area, engineers compartment amidships and rear seating area. The engine is a twin high to the designs of G.F.G Des Vignes, thought to be built by the company of Des Vignes, Cloud and Co. (around 1898-1899) due to the all cast -in-one design used by the firm at the time. Formerly fitted in Columbine 1988-97 and Yvette 1977-83


Status: No longer a Steamer - Converted to motor

Owner: L.H. Gorton

Area: UK-North

Originally built 1930 as a private motor boat for Mr. Ant Weiler, subsequently sold to Mr. Ashworth. Hull acquired by present owner 1977 and steam plant fitted 1979. First steamed SBA Windermere Regatta 1980, fresh machinery 1990. Attended every SBA Windermere Rally since 1980. (Formerly had 4" x 4" single). Formerly had Anthony Bever No.6, 3-drum WT


Status: Active use

Owner: Wayne Breidford

Area: USA

Hull, Boiler, Engine, Pumps and trailer entirely built and fitted out by Kit Hanes from 1990 to 1994. Sold by Kit Hanes to current owner 2018

Windsor Belle

Owner: Urs Schwarenbach

Website: http://www.henley-on-thames.org.uk/river/belle.htm

Area: UK

New as tripping boat for A. Jacobs, with Plenty & Son 6" + 6" x 6" and 4' 6" x 5' 6" Scotch boiler. Converted to motor drive 1950. Present steam plant fitted 1986. First steamed after restoration July 1986. (Until 1967 engine in an Ouse Navigation Board dredger). Has one (of two) engines ex Ribblesdale. Currently 'For Sale' http://www.hscboats.co.uk/boats/windsor-belle-steam-launch/ May 2015 - KJS

Wingfield Castle

Owner: Hartlepool Borough council

Area: UK

New to LNER, later British Transport Commission, ferry on River Humber between Hull and New Holland. Retired during 1970’s, various owners. Restored at Hartlepool 1987-1992. Not steamable. Now open as museum and cafe alongside the Museum of Hartlepool. Contact 01429 523443. Ref: Funnel 73.


Owner: H.T. Dennison

Area: UK

Originally fitted with LIFU WTB and larger LIFU engine. Present plant fitted by Michael Verney 1960. Acquired Nov 1979, plant rebuilt by M. Lonican 1981, hull completely re-fitted and plant re-fitted by Roger Mallinson 1983. Restored by P. Freebody & Co. Hurley 1999. (Engine ex ARUN BELLE).


Area: UK

Witch of Endor

Status: Active use

Owner: Peter Cowie

Website: http://www.steamboat.com.au/Witch%20of%20Endor.htm

Area: Australia

New boat, launched December 2005. She steams regularly on the Hawkesbury River, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, Berowra Creek and has been trailered to Sydney Harbour on two occasions. In February 2016 the 'Witch steamed from Brooklyn to Sydney, a journey "outside" of approximately 30Nm in the Tasman Sea to attend the Timber Boat Festival at the Australian National Maritime Museum


Status: Steaming

Owner: Joël Druel

Area: France

Built and fitted out by first owner Geoff Thurston as WOODBINE for use on the River Lee. Design based on Weston Farmer’s "Feeble" published in ‘The Rudder’ Dec 1943 in the USA. Originally fitted with Stuart Turner 5A engine. First steamed 1990. About 17 hulls were taken from the mould before it was decommissioned. Featured in Classic Boat magazine, August 1991, pp55-57. 1993 sold to Thomas Fraser, Leicester, renamed CEFLEX. Later owned by Frank Dell, Barnet and name reverted to original. Oct 1997 to Bob Shearer. Nov 2000 to Mike Tester. 2005 to TJ.Cornelius. Feb 2008 to Joël Druel, France. Since 2008, Woodbine has totaled 938h and traveled 3340km

Woodbine IV

Area: Bermuda

Woodland Lily

Owner: H. Orr-Ewing

Area: UK-South West

Originally built as electric launch EEL by Andrews & Son, Maidenhead c 1903. Found derelict 1966 by L.J.M. Weaver, Datchet, restored and plant fitted with 4" x 4" single and Merryweather ‘B’; c1969 Cochran engine and Merryweather ‘C’ No.7460 fitted. Acquired 1971, completely new launch built, plant re-fitted by owner. Ref: Funnel 100.

Workin' Girl

Owner: S. Lowe

Area: Canada

Built by owner using fishing boat hull acquired 1991 from Frank Roe, Minnedosa, Manitoba. Steam plant fitted and first steamed 1993. Ref: Model Engineer 16th June 1995 and Funnels 97 and 101.